COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

(last updated 6/9/2020)

As a Private Outpatient Medical Facility, we are following rules & regulations posted by NY.GOV, the NYS DOH, CDC, and NYC DOH. We have been in direct communication with the NYC DOH and are keeping a close eye on regulation and policy changes in regards to COVID-19.

Appointment Protocols

For the safety of our clients and staff it's required that clients abide by the following policies:

  • Complete our questionnaire (posted outside the office and sent via email to clients prior to their appointment).

  • Allow for a temperature check before entry.

  • Do not bring any friend, family member, child, or other party to any location during your appointment.

  • Contact us if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 before or after your appointment no matter how mild they may be. Note: There will be no cancellation fees and any prepaid amounts will remain as credit on your account during the COVID pandemic.

  • You must be wearing a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) mask that covers your nose and mouth to entry any location.

  • You must use hand-sanitizer or hand-washing station upon entry.

  • You may only remove PPE if asked by your Medical Provider for procedure specific protocols.

How We Are Improving Safety

  • Screening

  • Social Distancing

  • Cleaning Protocols

  • Multiple Hand-Hygiene Stations

  • All Staff Will Wear A Mask

  • Procedure Specific Protocols

  • Spaced Out Appointment Slots

  • Sanitizing All Surfaces After Each Appointment


When Will You Be Open?

We are open now in a limited capacity. We are closely following local and state guidelines. The recommendations are ever changing and apply differently to medical entities, like James Christian Cosmetics. This means appointment availability is limited but we are planning to gradually increase back to full capacity as soon as we are allowed to do so by mandated guidelines.

Are All Injectors Available?

No. Currently we have limited staff available but we continue to welcome our staff back as restrictions continue to be lifted and guidelines allow us to return to operate at full capacity.

Why Does There Seem to be No Appointments Available Online?

We having limited appointments available at this time and request that you call to book an appointment to find an availability. Our clients safety is our top priority so we are making every effort to space out appointments to help with social distancing and to allow us the time needed to properly sterilize the rooms and clean the office. Appointments will be 1 hour long until we have better guidance from local authorities.

What If I Paid In Advance And I Can't Book Or Follow Though On My Appointment?

Whether you need to cancel an appointment or you are unable to find an available time slot we've got you covered. Any payments that were made in advance will be held as a credit on your account until you are able to redeem your services.

Are All Staff Getting COVID Antibody / Antigen Testing?

We are doing our best to provide ongoing testing to staff members (pending availability) and we have asked all staff members to obtain an immunology test prior to returning to work as well as go through our in-house screening on a daily basis when they return to work from quarantine.

Do You Have Other Internal Safety Procedures?

Yes. As a injectable service provider we have standard operating procedures in place that our staff will be enacting. You can also rest assured that your injector is blood borne pathogen trained and OSHA certified. For more information regarding this please contact us.

Procedure Specific Notes:

  • Masks may interfere with some procedures offered at James Christian Cosmetics. Please follow your medical professionals recommendation with relation to your mask and if you should remove your mask. We will also have anti-viral mouthwash available for specific procedures.

  • All James Christian Cosmetics professionals have different PPE for specific procedures.

  • Masks may interfere with recovery of liquid rhinoplasty, some under-eye filler (mask dependent), some cheek filler (mask dependent), and possibly other procedures. We encourage clients to have a flexible soft mask / fabric covering when they have procedures done to these areas. This mask can be used after the appointment completion.

Additional Questions?

Please contact us at: 917-860-3113 or using our contact form.
You can also visit these websites for more information of COVID-19 related restrictions: