Get Rise & Shine IV Therapy to Fight Your Fatigue and Exhaustion

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You may suffer chronic fatigue if you constantly feel tired or achy or experience headaches and dizziness. It stops you from enjoying your best life. With fatigue and exhaustion, you cannot function normally and carry out the responsibilities of your daily life.

Usually, a good night’s sleep makes you feel refreshed, but if the tiredness persists and does not go away with the rest. Such a kind of fatigue interferes with your daily activities, erodes your quality of life, and can be treated with IV therapies. At James Christian Cosmetics, we offer a variety of IV therapies. Rise & Shine is an IV therapy specially formulated to help you fight Fatigue and Exhaustion.

Causes of Fatigue

There are many possible causes of fatigue. Your lifestyle choices like excessive alcohol or drug use, lack of sleep, stress, and an unhealthy diet could be the reason behind your fatigue and exhaustion. The clinical causes include flu, tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis, infectious mononucleosis, fibromyalgia, pneumonia, asthma, coronary heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and more.

Treatment of Fatigue & Exhaustion

IV therapies make a considerable difference in the quality of your life. Rise & Shine IV therapy boosts your energy levels, addresses nutrient deficiencies, minimizes aches and pain, reduces fatigue and exhaustion, and improves overall well-being.

The food you eat or supplements you take also help relieve the symptoms of fatigue, but they pass through your digestive tract first, then are distributed into your bloodstream at a reduced dose. With IV therapy, you get a full dose of nutrients, minerals, and hydration without waiting or losing anything in digestion. Here is what Rise & Shine IV therapy includes:

  • Thiamine HCL

Thiamine HCL is the vitamin B1. It helps the body to utilize carbohydrates for energy, improves the heart’s health, prevents muscle loss, and boosts the normal functioning of the nervous system.

  • Zinc Sulfate

Zinc sulfate promotes the development of new cells, especially the fiber-like tissues and collagen in your skin. It helps heal wounds, recovers vision, reduces inflammation, and improves overall well-being.

  • Niacinamide

Niacinamide is the form of vitamin B3 required to function fats and sugars in the body. It involves the healthy development of cells and is beneficial for patients with cardiovascular problems.

  • Calcium Gluconate

Calcium is an essential mineral necessary for muscle contraction and nerve conduction. In addition, it is the foundation of your bone structure. Calcium Gluconate is added to Rise & Shine IV therapy to maintain healthy calcium levels in the body.

  • Riboflavin

Riboflavin is the vitamin B2 that plays several essential functions in your body. It helps the body break down, process, and metabolize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, converting them into the energy your body needs to perform daily chores.

Vitamin B2 involves in the electron transport chain and generates cellular energy. In addition, it boosts the absorption of vital nutrients and vitamins in the body, aids in healthy fetal growth, and enhances blood circulation.

  • Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium shortage in your diet causes exhaustion. Rise & Shine IV therapy provides you with the right amount of magnesium chloride to fulfill the magnesium deficiency and boost strength.

  • Pyridoxine HCL

Pyridoxine HCL helps to prevent vitamin B6 deficiency in the body. In addition, it improves your mood, reduces the symptoms of depression, promotes brain health, and controls and treats anemia.

  • Hexahydrate

It hydrates your body and makes you refreshed and healthy. In addition, it flushes out toxins from your body and improves cognitive function.

  • Dexpanthenol

Dexpanthenol is the form of vitamin B5. It supports several biochemical processes, including the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, improves skin and hair health, and reduces dermal inflammation.

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Rise & Shine IV therapy can help if you fight fatigue and exhaustion. It will assist you restore your lost energy. Health professionals carefully formulate our IV therapy cocktails to deliver the optimal amount of nutrients into the bloodstream. All our IV therapies are performed by trained professionals using safe, cutting-edge equipment. Contact James Christian Cosmetics today to schedule an appointment and see how Rise & Shine IV therapy can help you overcome your fatigue and feel better than ever.

*Information in this article is not medical advice and may not be factually accurate. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. Consult with a physician before attempting any tips in this blog post and to get the most up to date factual data about any procedure or treatment.