BTT – Long Vs. Short Hair: Which One Should You Choose?

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We can all agree that our hair is a significant part of our looks. However, the struggle is real when deciding which hair length to go for – Long or short?

Check out our list of some pros and cons of short and long hair to make your choice easier.

Long Hair

  • You can try out a lot of Hairstyles! – Long hair means you can try your hand at a plethora of stylish hairstyles. From trendy ponytails to intricate braids or effortless buns, the possibilities are endless! You can also style your hair in various ways according to your mood. Using curling tongs, straighteners, and blow dryers is much more convenient for long hair.
  • Little Maintenance – You do not have to visit the salon frequently for the upkeep of your long mane. Throw your hair up in a bun or trim the ends, and your hair will be neat and slick.
  • Colors look more vibrant and eye-catching! – Long hair has a larger surface area. It means that whatever hair color you get done on your long hair is going to be visible in all its glory.

As beautiful as long hair looks, there are a few downsides to it.

  • Styling takes forever – You will often find yourself spending eons styling your long hair. Straightening and curling each section of your long hair is very time-consuming and even frustrating at times.
  • Shedding knows no limit – If you have long hair, hair strands all around the house, especially the shower drain, are a common sight. Also, if you live in a hot and humid area, the hair fall coupled with sweat will leave you feeling very uncomfortable.
  • Hair products empty quickly – Starting from shampoo to conditioner, oils, serums, etc., you will have to frequently stock up on these hair essentials if you have long hair.

Short Hair

  • Short Hair looks voluminous and healthy – Without all the extra length to weigh your hair down, short hair naturally looks more voluminous. Long hair tends to be a bit shaggy and frizzy if not taken care of. You will not face this problem with short hair. You can enjoy frizz-free and lustrous hair days if you have short hair.
  • Less Hair Fall – Short hair is synonymous with tangle-free, silky hair. As a result, short hair is less likely to shed as much as long hair.
  • Short hair is trendy – We often feel the sudden impulse to chop off all our hair, to transform our look dramatically. It is, indeed, a liberating feeling. Short hair is edgy and chic and will make you feel like a new person. Your hair may be short in length, but you will be high on style!
  • You can style your short hair quickly in a wink – You don’t have to waste your time anymore on styling your hair. With short hair, you can style your hair within minutes. Not to mention, short hair dries rapidly and hence, minimizes heat damage of blow dryers on the hair.
  • Requires Upkeep – Short hair needs to be maintained and trimmed more frequently as it can grow out quickly to an awkward length with little structure.
  • Styling is not flexible – You really cannot style short hair in a variety of ways. Short hair lacks versatility when it comes to styling and ends up looking the same every time.

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