Why Should You Get Venus Glow Hydrafacial This Winter?

Venus Glow Hydrafacial
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The cold and dry winter months do not only bring cozy sweaters, togetherness, and the holidays but negatively impact our skin. The cold air shrinks our pores and reduces blood circulation. In addition, the less humid weather condition makes the complexion dull and lifeless. At James Christian Cosmetics, we offer Venus Glow Hydrafacial to help you improve your skin in winter. Here are all the motives why you should consider having it.

The Adverse Effects of Winter on Your Skin

Your skin reacts to changing seasons differently. Winter season sucks the moisture out of your skin and causes excessive dryness, cracking, and irritation that feels uncomfortable and embarrassing. People prone to eczema and dry skin experience severe conditions like inflammation and pain. Usually, topical moisturizers are not very effective during winter, and your skin demands extra care. The Venus Glow Hydrafacial is very beneficial in improving skin condition, preventing dryness, and healing inflammation.

How Venus Glow Hydrafacial Works?

The Venus Glow Hydrafacial is a skin renewal treatment. It consists of two processes: an adjustable vacuum, 360˚ rotating tip, and two extreme-fine jet streams of chosen glow serums to deeply open up pores treat many skin conditions and concerns and leave the skin healthy and glowing.
The glow serums that are being used in the treatment utilize three modalities that work together to provide you the superior pore cleansing and renew the skin cells. Each modality performs a crucial role, eliminates dirt and debris from pores, and enhances skin condition.
The two ultra-fine jet streams reach the depth of pores and remove the junk and excess sebum. At the same time vacuum gently pulls the skin, and its suction level is adjusted according to the client’s skin conditions. The 360˚ rotating tip evenly distributes the glow serums when the skin gets pulled upwards. This process boosts blood circulation and increases nutrient availability to skin cells.

Benefits of Getting Venus Glow Hydrafacial in Winters

• Quick Results

Unlike the other facial treatments, the Venus Glow Hydrafacial provides quicker results. The whole procedure can be completed in 30-45 minutes, and you will experience the effects almost immediately. In addition, you can get the treatment on your special day to get camera-ready skin without the fear of redness or irritation.

• Delivers Intense Hydration and Boosts Circulation

No matter how much water you drink daily, your skin still feels tight during winter. The Venus Glow Hydrafacial delivers intense hydration to skin cells with the best moisturizers and serums. This infusion will last a month, and you can maintain the results by using quality skincare products. In addition, this facial treatment boosts blood circulation and creates a healthy and youthful glow on the skin all winter.

• Clear and Beautiful Complexion

Skincare products you usually use at home do not help eliminate black or whiteheads. The Venus Glow Hydrafacial extracts debris from pores painlessly and provides optimum moisturization. The extraction process clears out complexions, and infusion with glow serums removes skin blemishes and imperfections.

• Keeps the Skin Cells Healthy and Protected

While most facial treatments focus on improving the current condition of the skin but Venus Glow Hydrafacial infuses essential vitamins, antioxidants, and hydration to the skin cells that prevent premature aging and protect against the harmful effects of free radicals and environmental pollution. The extra moisture keeps the skin surface smooth and soft.

• Long-Term Benefits

The Venus Glow Hydrafacial treats sun-damaged skin and fights off other environmental stressors. Getting this treatment regularly keeps your skin healthy and glowing inside and out. In addition, it provides excellent noticeable long-lasting benefits you can enjoy all year round, especially in winter.

Book Your Appointments Now for Venus Glow Hydrafacial

The most common factor responsible for all skin concerns in winter is the lack of hydration. The facial treatments benefit all skin types though out the skin by eliminating dead skin cells and debris and relaxing the facial muscles. The Venus Glow Hydrafacial uses special tools to extract the junk and infuses your skin with glow serums that are carefully selected according to your skin needs and conditions. If you are considering getting it done in Newyork and Miami, request a free consultation at James Christian Cosmetics. We will help you learn more about the treatment and recommend a suitable treatment plan for you.

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