Kybella: Say Goodbye To Double Chin Woes

Woman getting kybella treatment in new york

Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin with Kybella If your “double chin” has been a constant source of disappointment when looking in the mirror, you’re not alone. Welcome to your guide on how to say goodbye to your double chin woes with the help of Kybella, a truly transformative cosmetic treatment. Understand Your Double Chin: […]

Kybella vs fillers for jaw definition

kybella vs juvederm

How Do Dermal Fillers Compare to Kybella? Dermal fillers and Kybella are both non-surgical cosmetic treatments used for facial rejuvenation, but they serve different purposes and are used to address different cosmetic concerns. Dermal fillers: Purpose: Dermal fillers are used to add volume, smooth out wrinkles, and plump up facial features such as lips, cheeks, […]

Kybella vs. Neck Lift Surgery

Kybella vs. Neck Lift

​​Kybella vs. Neck Lift Surgery – Which is right for me? The decision between Kybella vs. Neck Lift Surgery depends on the individual and their desired outcome. Kybella is a non-surgical treatment that uses synthetic deoxycholic acid to dissolve fat cells in the neck, resulting in a more defined jawline and chin area. On the […]

Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Injectables For Brides to Be

Pre-Wedding cosmetic injectables for brides

Every bride wants to look absolutely perfect on her wedding day. However, the preparations for the big day can be stressful. As you arrange for the venue, the dress, and make a list of guests, you barely find time to care for yourself. Eating good, staying hydrated, and having plenty of rest leading up to […]

Kybella VS Liposuction: Which Degrades the Double Chin Better?

Kybella VS Liposuction

A few years ago, options to improve the appearance of the neckline were quite limited. In fact, surgical neck lifts or liposuction were considered the only procedures that eliminated the double chin. In 2015, a new treatment named Kybella was introduced into the market. It promises to degrade the double chin without the need for […]

What is Kybella and What Does it Do?

What causes double chin

Double chin is a frustrating issue that millions of people may face due to weight gain, genetics, or the natural aging process. A variety of treatments are available to get rid of extra fat under your chin. People usually try liposuction, liposculpture, facelift, submentoplasty, or neck lifts. However, Kybella is one of the most effective […]

Tips to Avoid Weight Gain from Jet Lag

Weight gain from jet lag

The world is opening back up and many are just itching to start traveling again! Not just for pleasure but for business too. Business professionals often take flights throughout the year. As much as they try to eat healthfully and exercise, some continue to deal with unwanted fat in certain areas of their body.We all […]

What’s HOT this July at James Christian Cosmetics!

What's HOT at James Christian Cosmetics?

Summer is heating up at James Christian Cosmetics and this July only we have some great deals online and special offers in-store that will help you look your best all summer long! BOTOX Special Pay per unit BOTOX® or DYSPORT®  Botox® is HOT again this summer, and for good reason! It works great on those […]