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Want Beautiful Brows: Choose a Non-Surgical Brow Lift

Instagram is flooded with influencers' faces showing brows with arches sky high. It's part of the Instagram aesthetic sported by the likes of Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner. While this might be a passing fad or might be here to stay, there are also people with naturally drooping eyelids and low...


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BTT – Instead Of Dreading It, Embrace Aging and Be Graceful About It

Growing older with grace and dignity is to be distinguished from languishing under infirmity and burden. Successfully getting older is about taking control of your life, embracing change, and implementing the measures that you need to take to deal with that change. The tips delineated below are a...


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How to Vanish Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Bags and dark circles under the eyes, no one likes it. If you do have them, then you are one of those persons wishing them to disappear. Sadly, they do not vanish magically but there sure are ways on how to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes. There are a number of different...


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BTT – Beauty Tips You Should Know

Your appearance is an important part of who you are, whether you like it or not. Use these tips to help improve your overall beauty. Learn how to make the most out of your hair, nails, complexion, and more. You will find out how to be as beautiful as you can be. No matter what type of skin you...


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How Can You Preserve Youthfulness

Everywhere you turn, you've probably heard experts discussing the importance of eating well and exercising regularly to preserve your health. But can these healthy habits preserve your youthfulness, too? Research says yes.


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BTT – Simple Ways to Get A Flawless Complexion

As you age, your skin will remain healthier if you take care of it now. Caring for your skin properly will give you the best-looking skin possible as you grow older. This article will provide you with many useful tips that will help you obtain the healthy appearance you desire and will leave you...


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What are the Aesthetic Services that Celebrities Love?

Celebrities are always in the spotlight, whether it’s on the red carpet or running a quick errand. The pressure to always be at their best selves is always present.  In the old times, celebrities would often deny doing a procedure to enhance their looks. Today it is much different, with the...


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How to Transform Your Look: Acne Scars to Superstar

What is worse than acne breakouts? The scars it leaves behind. After pimples have cleared and healed, some leave marks, the dark spots can take weeks or even months to fade. But the stubborn scars and marks that are left behind that don’t fade with time is another thing altogether. These scars...

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