What is a Facial Oil? Can it Replace a Moisturizer?

facial oil as moisturizer

Facial oils are a popular new beauty product, but can they really replace your moisturizer? Many people swear facial oils as better than moisturizers. A wide variety of them is available in the market, which claims to hydrate and nourish the skin. However, face oil is usually more occlusive than a moisturizer, which creates a […]

BTT – Foods That Can Help Your Skin Look Healthy

Foods That Can Help Your Skin Look Healthy

Besides the right skincare and a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition is one of the most effective ways to slow down your skin aging. This raises the question of what foods are good for your skin. Here, you will find an overview of the best foods for healthy skin. If your meals consist mainly of the […]

Your Summer 2021 Treatment Guide For Pesky Body Acne

Body acne

During the summer months many experience what is commonly known as “Summer Body Acne”. This is when the excessive heat, humidity and sweating clogs our pores with oil, feeding acne causing bacteria and leading to inflammation and breakouts. Most commonly these breakouts are noticeable on the back, chest and even buttocks. If you tend to […]

Learn how you can treat your excessive sweating with Botox

excessive sweating

Sweating is something we all do. It’s our body’s way of cooling down. Some more so than others, and in various areas of the body. That can include under your armpits, hands, feet, forehead, under your breasts and other areas – it’s something almost all of us deal with on a daily basis. If you […]

How to Vanish Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

What causes dark circles

Bags and dark circles under the eyes, no one likes it. If you do have them, then you are one of those persons wishing them to disappear. Sadly, they do not vanish magically but there sure are ways on how to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes. There are a number of […]

Why Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment is Good for You

PRP hair loss treatment

The medical principle behind this treatment started thousand of years ago wherein the healing process is jumpstarted by intentionally creating an irritant. A physician in the 1950s, Dr. G. Hackett used similar techniques from ancient Rome to strengthen ligaments, tendons and herniated body parts. After injecting the weak and relaxed tissues, he noted the growth […]

Perfect Combination: Skin Care Products that Go Well Together

Skin care products

While there are skin products you shouldn’t combine, either because they perform the same function or because they cancel out each other, there are also skin care product combinations that work well together and complement each other’s function. Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid We know the many benefits of Retinol including fighting acne, reducing wrinkles and […]

Common Skin Care Mistakes that Harm Your Skin

Skin care mistakes

We all strive to achieve healthy flawless skin; we go through a lot of trouble and expense to get it. There are a lot of skin care products out there, each promising its own beautiful results but you don’t need to get all of them. By using a lot of products, you might be unwittingly […]