Enhance Your Masculine Features with Restylane


Facial fillers are not only about plumping lips or smoothening wrinkles. They help men to achieve sharper cheekbones and defined jawlines. Restylane is a type of dermal filler that helps erase fine lines and wrinkles and fill certain areas for a more contoured look. The ideal masculine features include thick brows, high cheekbones, a square […]

Restylane, A Great Way to Make You Look Younger


Restylane, a clear gel, consists of hyaluronic acid, similar to the naturally produced hyaluronic acid in the body. This FDA-approved dermal filler helps fade mild to severe wrinkles and skin folds. In addition, it boosts your self-esteem and confidence by making you look younger and beautiful. Let’s get to know what exactly Restylane is, how […]

Lip Enhancement 101: Which Treatment is Best for You

Lip enhancement

Full, pillowy lips are said to be an indication of beauty, femininity and youth. Researches on facial attraction have shown that a lady’s lips are one of the principal things that people notice when choosing whether a face is attractive or not. Some are fortunate enough to be blessed with perfectly luscious lips, but a […]

Get the Gold Standard for Your Injectable Treatments

Aquagold injectable treatments

AQUAGOLD® Unbeknownst to many, gold had been in use for skincare thousands of years ago. Cleopatra is said to have used a gold mask during her sleep to keep a glowing youthful complexion. There also has been recorded use of gold in both Ancient Roman skincare and Ancient Chinese medicine. These ancient civilizations had all […]

Get Your Perfect Face Shape With Fillers And Kybella

Fillers And Kybella

People’s faces come in different sizes and shapes, so when can you say a face is perfect? Beauty comes in many forms but research indicates that attractive faces have these qualities: proportionality, symmetry and youthfulness. The Cheeks High cheekbones and fuller cheeks have always been a sign of youth and health in society. If you’re self-conscious […]

Injectable Solution for Chin Definition

Chin definition

Throughout history, a strong, balanced profile has been prized in both genders. Today, we still value the same profile from centuries ago. We perceive a person with a stronger chin as stronger, smarter, and more of a go-getting type of person. However, our chins come in all shapes and sizes, many men and women have poorly-defined chins […]

Reshape Your Cheeks

Reshape your cheeks

High cheekbones and fuller cheeks have always been a sign of youth and health in society. As people age, they may experience facial volume loss caused partly by the breakdown of proteins such as collagen that provide structure to the skin. Facial volume loss can also be due to weight loss, excess sun exposure, smoking […]

Nonsurgical Jawline Contouring

Nonsurgical jawline contouring

Nonsurgical jawline contouring is an aesthetic treatment that utilizes injectable dermal fillers to add volume to the jaw, chiseling the form of the lower face. While adding volume to accomplish a more defined look may appear to be strange, the procedure is in fact viable. The very minimal addition in volume can upgrade the jawline’s […]