5 Effective Ways to Wash Your Makeup Tools

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The makeup tools, including brushes and sponges, are the backbone of your beauty kit. It is tempting to use yesterday’s foundation brush to create today’s look. But do you know dirty makeup tools are not just gross but also bad for your health? Proper washing of makeup tools is as essential as a healthy diet and exercise.

Makeup and oil build up on makeup tools and serve as a breeding site for microorganisms. It leads to having skin breakouts, including acne, irritation, and several skin infections. On the other hand, washing your makeup tools improves their longevity and efficiency. Here are 5 effective ways to clean your makeup tools.

  1. Baby Shampoo

It is the most common method to wash the makeup tools, and it works. Baby shampoo is a sensitive and delicate product that conditions the brush bristles while removing the junk out of them. Pour a little in your hands, wet your brush or sponge, and swirl it onto the baby shampoo. Then, make sure the entire makeup tool got the baby shampoo. Rinse with warm water. Repeat the process if the makeup tool is still not clean. Finally, squeeze the water out and let it dry.

  1. Liquid Soap

Your liquid soap can also help to clean your makeup tools. First, run the sponge or makeup brushes under warm water. Next, use a few drops of liquid soap to create a rich lather. Next, use your fingers to clean your makeup tools. You may need to replicate the procedure twice or thrice, but don’t be so harsh on makeup brushes or sponges while cleaning because it can damage them. Finally, Pat dry the makeup tools with a clean towel.

  1. Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing soap is the most potent cleanser for your makeup tools. It removes each and every residue. Take a bowl of cozy water and add a few droplets of dishwashing soap. Let your makeup brushes and sponges sit in the solution for a few minutes. Swirl them off and use your hands to cleanse them gently. Rinse the makeup tools with warm water and allow them to air dry.

  1. Makeup Brush Cleansers

There are various quick and effective makeup brush cleansers available in the market. They are specifically formulated to remove the toughest pigment and foundation stains from your makeup tools. First, you need to dip your makeup brushes and sponge into the cleanser. Next, swirl the brushes and rub the sponge with your finger for a minute or two. Finally, lay them flat on a paper towel to dry.

  1. Cleansing Mats

Makeup cleansing mats effectively cleanse the makeup brushes. Take the one that fits the palm of your hand and is easy to use. Apply the makeup cleanser or liquid wash to the cleansing mat. Wet the makeup brush and swirl it on the grooves. A few quick swirls remove the debris. Rinse with warm water and let the makeup tool dry.

How Often Should You Wash Your Makeup Tools?

If you are a makeup artist or the one who wears heavy makeup daily, then clean your brushes after every use.

Foundation, concealer, or a powder brush should get cleaning for at least once a week. Clean the eye brush when you switch to a different shade.

*Information in this article is not medical advice and may not be factually accurate. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. Consult with a physician before attempting any tips in this blog post and to get the most up to date factual data about any procedure or treatment.