Powder Brows, What Is It?

Powdery eyebrow dusting is a new technique for the semi-permanent coloring of eyebrows, in which the pigment is applied only to the upper layers of the skin, creating the effect of light tint coloring. The technique allows you to emphasize and minimally correct the natural shape and line of the eyebrows, imitating professional makeup with a pencil or shadows.

It is for the beautiful, soft haze effect that looks neat and natural and lasts for quite a long time without having to spend time on makeup every day, that this technique is very popular.

The initial treatment takes about 2 hours and results are seen right away. After the initial treatment, clients are required to come back within 5-12 weeks for a second treatment which is essentially a "touch up".

*Model shown. Not representative of actual results.

Differences From Microblading

Powdery eyebrow tattoo is in many ways similar to another popular technique - microblading, however, there are still significant differences between these popular ways to make your eyebrows perfect. Microblading implies imitation of natural hairs using micro-cuts that are filled with pigment, while powder coating creates the effect of soft shading with shadows due to a point drawing, which means that the skin is much less injured. Due to the fact that the pigment is injected into the upper layers of the skin at a very shallow depth, the process of recovery after the procedure of powdery tattooing is much faster and easier, and discomfort during tattooing is practically not felt. the most natural effect due to the translucent application of pigment and the ability to mix shades;

  • The procedure is practically painless, since the depth of injection of the coloring pigment is minimal
  • Long-term effect of professional eyebrow makeup - from one to five years with proper care and timely corrections
  • No harm is done to natural eyebrows, since only the space between the hairs is colored.


Before deciding on semi-permanent dyeing of eyebrows, you should consult not only with the master who will perform the procedure, but also with your doctor. Unfortunately, the procedure of powdery tattooing does not work for everyone and is contraindicated for:

  • Any viral diseases
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • The presence of scars and scars on the eyebrows
  • Allergies to pigment components
  • Diabetes mellitus;

How Long Do Results Last?

Results last 18-36 months, depending on skin type. However, clients are required to come back within 5-12 weeks for a second treatment which is essentially a "touch up".

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