Russian Lips Technique

On this page, you can find some information about the Russian Lips injectable treatment. If you are still unsure or want to learn more about what a Russian Lips treatment can do for you and how it works, please contact us to book a free consultation where we can go over all the details with you to create a personalized treatment procedure for your Russian Lip goals.

What Are Russian Lips?

The term Russian Lips is derived from the style of lips you often see on Russian stacking dolls or matryoshka. Think, Cupid's bow lips that are particularly full in the middle. This lip enhancement technique focuses on achieving a subtle heart shape with more volume near the center. It tends to lift the lip rather than add excessive volume so it’s ideal for lip filler newbies or those seeking a natural finish.

How Are The Russian Lips Done?

Russian lips are achieved by injecting very small amounts of dermal filler vertically into the lip, as opposed to horizontal injections, used for regular lip filler treatments. A smaller syringe is used to maintain more control over the exact placement of the filler, as it is injected using the threading and droplets injection technique from the base of the lip and outwards toward the lip border, concentrating most of the volume on the center of the lips.

How Long Do The Results Last / How Often Can I Get This Done?

Russian lips should last as long as the efficacy of the filler used, after all, it is only the technique that is different. At James Christian Cosmetics, we use Restylane Kysse which usually lasts up to a year.

What Are The Risks?

The risks associated with this procedure are similar to those of other lip filler treatments. The most common side effects are slight soreness, redness and bruising at the injection site. Other side effects such as swelling can occur - major swelling typically lasts less than 4 days and minor residual swelling can last 2-3 weeks. There are additional side effects that can come up with facial injections - be sure to come in for a free consultation where we can explain all of these to you.

Are Russian Lips Right For Me?

Beyond the standard restrictions and exclusions of people who should not get fillers as defined by the FDA and medical professionals, the final decision is all up to you. If you're someone who desires a Russian doll-like pout yet still looks very natural then you would be a great candidate for this treatment. If you're still unsure we recommend coming in for a free consultation to discuss your options. Or if you've decided to get this procedure you can order online.