7 Winter Makeup Essentials

Winter makeup tips
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Winter is here. High neck tops or warm jackets are not the only things you need for the season. The snowflakes cause skin flakes. The dry skin and a dull complexion are persistent problems you are going to face. It would be best if you made some changes to your beauty routine to look incredible this winter. Here are 7 winter makeup essentials.

  1. A Hydrating Primer

Regardless of skin type, everybody falls prey to a temporary bout of dry skin in winters. Hydrating primer is a great option to restore moisture, give some extra illumination, and make you look incredibly refreshed.

  1. Hydrating Liquid Foundation

Matt foundations are not going to work in winter. They will settle into flaky, dry skin and ultimately give you a patchy and uneven finish. Use a hydrating or oil-based formula to avoid the cakey look.

A simple trick to transform your matt foundation into a hydrating one is to add a drop of coconut oil to the amount of foundation you will use on your face. Then, mix it well and apply it evenly. It will give you a very natural dewy finish. If you are not a big fan of too dew finish, set it lightly with powder.

  1. The Blush

The pretty winter flush on cheeks is the characteristic of the winter season. It comes naturally with colder winds. But the right blush shade can enhance your look. The deep pink and berry tones are great for the winter season. In addition, the cream formulas will be more resistant in cold weather than the powder blushes.

  1. Liquid Highlighter

For the natural finish, apply a liquid highlighter or illuminator with a damp beauty blender. You need to be very careful while highlighting your face in winter. The subtle shine looks good instead of summertime glossy radiance. Warmer shades of liquid highlighter are preferred for colder months.

  1. Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is not just for the sweat-filled summer days. It is a must-have for winters. The rain, fog, snow, and hail are unpleasant and can havoc on your makeup. The waterproof mascara will open your eyes during cold winter mornings. It won’t smudge and will give life to your face.

  1. Bolder Lip Shades

The bolder lip shades such as bright red, maroon, and purple undertones are classic for winters. However, neglect your skin tone; dark pink, red, and burgundy tints will give you a fresh look in colder months. If you have tanned or dark skin and do not want to experiment with the brighter shades, try warmer tones of mauve, or berry.

The brighter shades look pathetic on dry and chapped lips. Make sure to moisture your lips with lip balms before applying lip shades.

  1. Makeup Setting Spray

Applying makeup is not enough. Set it with hydrating makeup setting spray. It will help you stay fresh all day, not allow your makeup to smudge, and maintain a natural glow. There is a lot of brands that sell hydrating sprays. Choose the one you like for yourself.


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