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Why Should You Get Glutathione IV Therapy?

People have been exploring for the fountain of youth for ages, the thing that keeps them looking healthy and glowing. Though the topical skin treatment provides splendid results, the real goodness comes from the inside. Glutathione is known as the...


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Surgical Lip Augmentation VS Lip Fillers, Which one is Better

Plump and fuller lips always give a wow factor and have become the hottest trend these days. However, anyone not blessed enough to have naturally fuller lips can achieve a pouty look with lip injections, fat injections, lip fillers, or lip...


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Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Your Health

Intermittent fasting has become progressively popular as a weight loss dieting therapy. Many celebrities or fitness enthusiasts may recommend intermittent fasting to lose weight. In addition, it is said to help prevent or even reverse some forms of...


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Kybella VS Liposuction: Which Degrades the Double Chin Better?

A few years ago, options to improve the appearance of the neckline were quite limited. In fact, surgical neck lifts or liposuction were considered the only procedures that eliminated the double chin. In 2015, a new treatment named Kybella was...


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How Does Poor Sleep Affect Your Health?

If you eat healthily and exercise daily but do not get enough sleep, you are undermining your other efforts. 7-9 hours of quality sleep is vital for your health, well-being, and ability to do everyday activities. It is as essential to the human body...


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Get Rid of Undereye Jelly Roll with Botox or Dysport

Fine lines and the muscular ridge beneath the eyes are known as a jelly roll. They become prominent when you laugh or smile, making your eyes look puffy and exhausted. A carefully injected neurotoxin under the lash line can help you achieve a...


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Benefits of Developing a Healthy Relationship with Chocolate

It is hard to find a person who does not like chocolate. It is an indulgent treat but is mainly associated with weight gain and acne. However, recent studies have revealed the health benefits of eating chocolate, not just the dark ones. It is a...


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Lift Your Butt with Sculptra

Resculpting the size and shape of the buttocks is hugely challenging with only diet and exercise. This is because diet cannot target specific areas of the body. People try to gain muscle mass in the butt area with squats and lunges, but sometimes...

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