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What Age Should You Get Botox?

People start to notice fine lines and wrinkles as early as their 20s. Do wrinkles really begin to develop at that age? Absolutely! If wrinkles are part of their genetics and they lead a lifestyle that speeds up the aging process, the signs of aging can show up as early as “20 something.” Many...


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Possible Filler Solution for Large Pores

Large pores plague many people, and age can exacerbate their appearance. Up until recently, many people with enlarged pores simply accepted that there wasn’t anything they could do about it. However, recently, research has revealed that fillers may be a possibility in making them look smaller....


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Non-Surgical Solution to Undereye Bags

Do you always look tired because of dark circles or bags under your eyes? If so, you’re not alone. Many people have this, and it’s not always because they are actually tired. Often times, these “little carry-on bags” are caused genetics and aging. The following will help you understand what...


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Kim Kardashian Used Fillers…Where?

While many people are speculating that Kim Kardashian’s especially boosted-looking bust was achieved with the help of injectable fillers, this one seems to be a rumor that’s been put to rest. OK! magazine broke the original story, but when it comes to the truth, Gossip Cop announced that...


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The Many Faces of BOTOX

Many people have been using BOTOX® for years to relax away wrinkles and create a more youthful looking face. However, it turns out botulinum toxin is also good for so much more. Treating Acne BOTOX can be used to minimize oil production in the skin, which can help reduce the frequency of...


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New Use For BOTOX: Eczema Treatment?

While BOTOX® is considered a safe option for smoothing out wrinkles, another use may now be possible. Researchers have recently used this substance in laboratory animals to show the potential for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema. Treating Eczema Currently, there is no one...


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Why Do 20 Year-Olds Get Fillers?

More and more young people, especially women, are making the choice to get dermal fillers. Though this isn’t necessarily a move that is meant to slow the aging process as with those who are middle-aged or older, there are a number of different reasons why women in their 20s are grabbing this new...


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How Sun Exposure Affects Dermal Fillers

Sun exposure can actually affect dermal fillers and their overall look over time. While this does not mean you should stay out of the sun completely, it is best to be safe and to take certain precautions in order to protect your skin—and what’s under it—from the sun. Why UV Rays Are Harmful...

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