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How Botox Is Used to Help With Migraine Headaches

Migraine is the third most prevalent illness known to man and 12% of the population suffers from it, including children. This neurological disease presents incapacitating symptoms, such as severe pain, usually on one side of the head, which has...


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BTT – How to Prevent Dry Skin in Fall & Winter

Your skin responds to changing weather. Dry air, low humidity, and cold wind can suck all the moisture out of your skin and leave it dull and lifeless. The condition gets worse for some people who experience flaking, cracking, or even eczema....


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Sculptra- What Is It And Is It Worth Going For?

If there is one thing inevitable in our lives, it's aging and the signs that come with it. As we age gradually, our skin loses the collagen and elasticity and starts to sag a little. However that is not a problem anymore today because there are...


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BTT – How To Find The Right Makeup To Match Your Skin Tone

Have you ever seen someone whose face is glowing like a light bulb? Or Someone whose neck shade is not matching with her face? This is so common. When people do not choose the right makeup shade according to their skin tone, disaster happens. Just...


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Facial Injections VS. Facelift

Some of the most popular anti-aging treatments performed during cosmetic surgery include fillers, injections, and facial lifts. Although each can help you look younger and eliminate signs of aging, each has a different purpose and focuses on the...


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BTT – Long Vs. Short Hair: Which One Should You Choose?

We can all agree that our hair is a significant part of our looks. However, the struggle is real when deciding which hair length to go for - Long or short? Check out our list of some pros and cons of short and long hair to make your choice easier....


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Bridal Botox Parties Will The Trend Continue?

A wedding is a festival in itself and planning one requires proper consideration of a lot of different factors- flower arrangements, music, food, the extravagant wedding cake, bridesmaids and so many more. And of course, the gorgeous wedding dress....


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BTT – How to Do Perfect Smokey Eye Style Makeup

Smokey eye makeup is a forever classic. It makes your eyes stand out. The beautiful art of blending and contouring lighter colors with darker shades of black or brown. It goes with a casual look, business meetings, birthday parties, or even wedding...

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