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An Insider’s Look at Botox and Fillers: How Long Do They Last?

Dermal fillers are designed to help you target areas affected by the aging process, sun damage, and creases caused by years of repetitive facial expressions. Some might think that one filler is the same as the next, but they’d be wrong. Each...


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Your Safety: What Every BOTOX and Filler Expert Injector Should Know

There are plenty of fake aesthetic injectors out there who are preying and capitalizing on your desire to look younger. The scary truth is that many “providers” are not actually licensed or qualified to inject. My name is James Christian...


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Types of Facial Fillers: Which is Best For You?

Just as each person ages in their own unique way, so do fillers provide a custom-made solution for wrinkles and creases in the face. Read on to learn more about the various types of fillers being used today, and how they can help you look more...


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Top 10 Antioxidants for Anti-Aging

Are you ready to spice up your diet with antioxidant-rich foods that can ward off wrinkles? My name is James Christian Sardelli, RPA-C, and I turn back the hands of time using injectables for my clients in the NYC and Long Island, New York areas. I...


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A New Type of Botox Has Been Discovered

Sometimes the greatest discoveries are made by sheer coincidence. Such is the case for the latest discovery of a new type of botulinum toxin protein. Botulinum toxin type A has long been used in medicine and aesthetics for its ability to paralyze...


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Bruxism Treatment: Botox for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinders – you may not have to wear your mouth guards at night any longer. A new study reports that BOTOX® can be a solution for this highly destructive habit. They used a random selection of 13 patients who suffered severe bruxism during...


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Your Sweet Tooth May Be Biting You in the Face

You’ve heard it many times: sugar is bad for you. Most reports say that sugar is unhealthy because it leads to weight gain, but that’s not all it does to you. Studies have now confirmed that sugar can cause wrinkles because of a natural process...


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How the Aging Male Stereotype is Changing

We’ve come a long way, guys. The rugged “Marlboro Man” that was the icon for the aging man is no longer what many men and even women think about as being sexy. Wrinkles, sun damage, and the outward signs of a hard worker are all out the...

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