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Located at 1800 Bay Road Miami Beach, FL 33139, the newest branch of James Christian Cosmetics, New York’s premium BOTOX and Facial Filler facility, owned and operated by James Christian, Registered Physician Assistant-Certified (RPA-C), is ultimately thrilled to open our doors to serve customers from the shores of Miami all the way inland to the Everglades.

With over 10 years of experience as a specialist injector of BOTOX ® Cosmetic, face fillers, and provider of anti-aging treatments for face renewal, James Christian’s experience, skill, and virtuosity bring an unrivaled level of know-how to the injectable solutions performed in any of the branches of James Christian Cosmetics including this latest addition in Miami.

We often use BOTOX as well as facial fillers together for the best outcomes to attain a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

Our team of injectables experts performs other skin treatments such as Liquid Facelift, Vampire Renovation ®, MesoGlow, Dermapen ® Microneedling, and more. Each one of our professional injectors can assist you to make a decision on which combination of non-surgical aesthetic procedures is best for you.

If you have reviewed the information recently, you most likely have observed some extremely terrifying tales regarding individuals who have, for the sake of conserving cash, received “Botox” therapies from an unqualified person as well as wound up with dreadful and also in some cases dangerous effects. Do not ever take chances with your health; make an appointment with our team of injectables specialists instead!



Botox 100

Standard Botox® treatment for multiple areas that you select – up to 100 units.
(100 units BOTOX®)

Botox Triple Pack

Standard Botox®/Dysport® treatment for 3 areas – frown lines, forehead and crow’s feet.
(up to 60 units of BOTOX®
or 180 units of DYSPORT®)

Sweaty Palms Botox

Introducing Sweaty Palms Botox: Say goodbye to sweaty palms with our breakthrough treatment for just $1999.

From $1999

Botox® Upper Lip Flip

Rolls the lip outward (i.e. “flipping” it) to create the illusion of a bigger lip without the use of a filler.
From $150

Botox® Neck Bands​

Tighten up those neck bands, lift the neck and rejuvenate your appearance with a targeted treatment on the neck bands.
From $650
uses BOTOX®

Botox® Brow Lift

Lift up those brows with our Botox®/Dysport® brow lift treatment.
(up to 60 units BOTOX®
or 180 units DYSPORT®)

By The Area Treatment

Standard Botox®/Dysport® treatment by the area (20 units Botox® / 60 Units Dysport®). Target and smooth wrinkles on the 11’s, forehead, crows feet or elsewhere as needed and pay by the area.
/area BOTOX® or DYSPORT®

Bunny Lines

Get a more youthful. fresh appearance by smoothing bunny line wrinkles.
(up to 10 units BOTOX®
or 30 units DYSPORT®)

Masseter De-Chipmunk - Jawline Definition And Slimming

Relax the masseter muscle and decrease puffy looking jawline and jowls using Botox or Dysport.
(up to 60 units of BOTOX®
or 180 units of DYSPORT®)

Pout Plumpin' BOTOX®

Subtly improve the fullness of your lip pout by gently flipping out the lip line and rolling the lip outward with Botox or Dysport.
(up to 10 units BOTOX®
or 30 units DYSPORT®)

Turn Down The Heat: Underarm Sweat Reduction

Take control of unwanted sweat production in your armpits with this simple treatment.


A Long-Lasting Peptide-Powered treatment designed specifically for frown lines.

3 Sessions

Barbie Botox®

Give your neck an elongated “Barbie” look with Botox injections to the trapezius muscles.

From $1499

Under Eye Jelly Roll

Get a more youthful. fresh appearance by treating the area under the eyes.
(up to 10 units BOTOX®
or 30 units DYSPORT®)

Bombshell Botox®

Tighten up those neck bands, lift the neck and rejuvenate your appearance with a targeted treatment on the neck bands.
From $1,597
– BOTOX® or Dysport®
For The Forehead, Frown Lines, Crows Feet, Upper Lip & Chin

Facial Mini-Tox

Botox/Dysport to the Forehead, Glabellar and Crowsfeet areas to help with reducing pore size, facial sweating, & rosacea

From $999

James Christian: Injectables Expert

Born as well as raised in the suburbs of Long Island NY,
James Christian has a well-versed education as well as training in the medical area from south to north shore and also extending from Manhattan to Queens and Brooklyn.
and then he finished his graduate studies in Allied Health Sciences at Touro College obtaining a degree and clinical license as a physician assistant. He has actually trained under several of the top plastic surgeons of the metropolitan area.
together with the innovations in injectable and laser modern technology it has broadened greatly. He offers specialized techniques in all injectable fillers, as well as muscle relaxants over the past decade and continues to make strides together with the evolution of modern medicine.
His innovative training qualifications has put him atop the leaders in anti-aging injectable treatments. With his continuing education in the technical developments in Aesthetics, James Christian is constantly revolutionizing new procedures. With his finger on the pulse, you will certainly have access to breakthrough anti-aging medication.

have actually never been even more satisfying with James Christian at the helm! His calm attitude and also caring bedside manner have actually developed a large base of followers who just will not most likely to anybody else.

We look at your all-natural appeal as well as improve it at a stable methodical pace, striving for perfection as well as a pain-free treatment.
and also smile to see which specific muscle teams need to be targeted with Botox shots in order to give you a smooth face that does not show wrinkles in the areas that bother you.

What Is BOTOX®?

BOTOX ® is a prescription medication made from a neurotoxin called onabotulinum toxin A generated by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is used to medically treat specific muscle conditions, as well as to cosmetically eliminate creases by briefly incapacitating face muscle mass. The effects are only momentary and last from 3 to 4 months at which point you might select to have it re-injected. As soon as you start treatment by one of our anti-aging specialists, our workplace will immediately advise you when it is time for your next therapy.

Botox shots are an exceptional method to separate details muscles of the face that are causing laugh lines, frown lines and also various other indicators old that you are aiming to momentarily erase.

The locations of the face typically treated with BOTOX ® consist of:

the areas around the eyes to decrease the look of “crow’s feet”

BOTOX ® is administered by our face filler & injectable expert as an easy, nonsurgical therapy that is injected with a needle straight right into the muscles that are to be immobilized. This lowers muscular tissue activity that creates moderate to extreme lines to form.

BOTOX ® shots work by protecting against the launch of a chemical in the muscular tissues called acetylcholine. Once this chemical has been obstructed, the muscles are efficiently not able to move. Throughout the treatment, we ask you to frown, furrow your brows and also smile to see which particular muscle groups require to be targeted to offer you a smooth face that does not show creases in the areas that trouble you. The cosmetic results of BOTOX ® are seen immediately as wrinkles on the face no longer show up when you smile or frown.

BOTOX ® is designed to be re-injected every 3 to 4 months. It needs to be repeated since the body gradually metabolizes the neuro-toxin from the muscular tissue cells over time. This results in the return of complete activity in the treated muscles.

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Short History of BOTOX®

BOTOX ® was introduced in 2002 and is the very first botulinum toxin to be accepted by the FDA to temporarily deal with moderate to severe glabellar lines between the eyebrows.

BOTOX ® has been chosen by countless females as well as their physicians because of instant, visible outcomes without surgery and no recovery time. There have been roughly 11.8 million.

BOTOX ® treatments carried out in the USA since 2002. Of 303 individuals checked 92% were satisfied with the outcomes of their experience.

How Much do BOTOX® Treatments Cost?

BOTOX ® prices are based upon a per-unit charge. The basis for the amount to be administered depends on which area is to be treated, six or more units might be utilized per area. When numerous facial areas are treated, the price increases accordingly. You can anticipate paying between $10 to $15 per unit administered, even if the costs of BOTOX ® can increase or decrease based upon supply/demand in addition to competitors between service providers.

We offer competitive prices along with seasonal specials running throughout the year so that you obtain the very best treatments at one of the most economical price points. We are glad to work with you to achieve an affordable treatment cost, especially when you commit to a long-term treatment plan for 12 months or longer.

Whatever aesthetic goals you have for a more youthful look, our competent injectors can offer you a full therapy strategy that will certainly address each of your face issues. We are recognized for sitting with patients for as long as required to answer concerns and also personalize a treatment plan that will certainly be most effective while working within your budget.

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How Safe Is BOTOX®?

Severe side effects are exceptionally uncommon but can consist of allergies, skin breakouts, lightheadedness or trouble breathing. This is not a total list of possible negative effects; our BOTOX ® professionals will certainly supply you with those said details prior to your treatment.

You will discover that directly after the shots, the injected areas might feel tender and a bit red. These are regular responses that the body has to both the BOTOX ® service as well as from the needle.

Interested In Other Facial Injection Services In Miami Beach?

James Christian Cosmetic is proud to be able to offer our services in Miami Beach and surrounding areas such as Aventura and Brickell! Whether you’re looking for Botox, Kybella, Eye Lash Extensions, Lip Fillers, Vampire Facelift or more.