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Sculptra butt lift

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Resculpting the size and shape of the buttocks is hugely challenging with only diet and exercise. This is because diet cannot target specific areas of the body. People try to gain muscle mass in the butt area with squats and lunges, but sometimes they are not compelling enough.

To attain a tighter and more lifted butt, patients go for a Brazilian Butt Lift, a surgical procedure involving the liposuction of fat from other body parts and reinserting it into the buttocks. Many other possible treatments exist to have a fuller and more proportional butt, including implants and fat transfer. But all these procedures come with potential complications.

Like many injectable procedures, Sculptra Butt Lift has recently grown in popularity. Read on to learn more about Sculptra Butt Lift.

What is Sculptra Butt Lift?

It is a non-surgical procedure involving Sculptra, a dermal filler that adds volume and definition to your buttocks. Sculptra’s main ingredient is poly-L-Lactic Acid, a synthetic polymer used for decades as a medical suture material. It got FDA approval in the late 1990s as a facial filler and is now used for butt enhancement.

How Does Sculptra Work for Buttocks?

Collagen is a protein that naturally produces in your skin. It holds and helps to retain the shape of the skin. However, the natural collagen levels fall over time, resulting in skin drooping and sagging. Sculptra boosts the natural production of collagen that enhances the shape of the butt and helps you achieve a plumper and fuller appearance. In addition, it improves skin’s irregularity and texture and helps to reduce or eliminate cellulite and stretch marks.

How is Sculptra for Buttocks Performed?

The injectable expert applies the numbing cream or gel to the buttock area to ensure maximum comfort for the patient. Then he injects Sculptra in some specific areas of the butt. The whole treatment takes no more than 30 minutes. There is no downtime after the session. The patient can experience slight redness, tenderness, and swelling at the injection sites. It is recommended to avoid doing a workout for three days after the treatment. To achieve the best results, 2-5 treatment sessions that are spaced 2-4 weeks apart are required.


You will immediately see the volume increase due to the sterile water suspending the Sculptra particles. Your body naturally absorbs this water in a day or two. Massaging the treatment area for five days after the procedure helps to evenly distribute Sculptra particles. Results appear gradually and continue to improve if you go for the follow-up treatments for the next few months. The results of Sculptra usually last for 2-3 years. If you want to maintain the results for longer, you will need to repeat the series of injections again.

What is Special About Sculptra?

If you compare Sculptra with other butt-enhancing procedures like fat grafting, Sculptra is minimally invasive. In addition, it is an FDA-approved injectable that is also used to treat facial wrinkles. Poly-L-Lactic Acid boosts collagen production and helps you get tighter, thicker, and plumper skin. In contrast to other dermal filler treatments, the results of Sculptra last longer. In addition, patients experience a fuller backside for 2-5 years, depending upon their unique anatomy.

Ideal Candidates for Sculptra Butt Lift?

Anyone between the age of 25-45 years can get Sculptra to gain greater butt volume and improve the skin texture. Though the results of Sculptra are not dramatic as the surgical procedures, it is a safe treatment that adds volume and lifts the butt without the potential risks.

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