New Longer Lasting BOTOX Alternative Coming In 2020?

Longer lasting BOTOX
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In the last couple years there have been whispers about something new coming in the field of botulinumtoxinA. A new evolution in facial injections that could possibly turn the BOTOX and facial injection industry on it’s head. Some are seeing this as being the next evolutionary step in BOTOX alternatives.

Of course, it’s important to note that this new product is not actually being developed by the creator of BOTOX (Allergan). Instead, the product is currently being developed by Revance Therapeutics and is currently known as DAXI (known previously as RT002). On their website they are calling it “Potentially the first long-lasting neuromodulator” which is an interesting consideration.

The length of effectiveness has always been an area of interest for facial injection patients so if there is a new BOTOX alternative that can potentially last longer it’s safe to say that there would be a lot of interest in it. Considering that, it will also be of interest to see if Allergan makes a move to acquire the new product rather than allow them to run as a competitor. Allergan has been known to acquire other injectables of interest in the past such as Kybella.

A little More About DAXI

DAXI has the generic name of Daxibotulinumtoxin A. It’s purposed use is similar to other injectables such as BOTOX or Dysport in regards to potentially being able to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, it is not currently FDA approved at the time of writing this.

As mentioned though, the biggest twist with this BOTOX alternative that sets it apart as something to keep an eye on is its potential to be a long-lasting treatment. According to their website, it appears that their own clinical trials have shown results to last a median duration of 24-28 weeks.

With this product being positioned as a BOTOX alternative it’s not unreasonable to think that DAXI may at some point also undergo testing for its possible use for other medical conditions similar to what BOTOX has already been approved for. It’s also reasonable to hope that if DAXI offers longer lasting results for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles that it would also offer longer lasting results for the treatment of other medical conditions it’s approved for. Of course this is all speculation. It remains to be seen if DAXI will be FDA approved for any use.

It’s interesting to consider what advantages a longer lasting BOTOX alternative could have. Increasing the longevity of results would mean that patients will have to come in less often for their treatments. It would also mean that it might be easier for patients to maintain their results over time. Really, it would be a means of providing patients with a better “bang for their buck” when it comes to these types of facial injections – not in terms of the base price (which is yet to be established) but in time savings in having to make less trips to get the injections done. Rather than going 3 or 4 times a year, patients could potentially only feel the need to go twice a year.

Beyond just the impact it could have for facial injection patients, it could have a large impact on the facial injection industry. Allergan and the BOTOX trademark has stood as the leader in the industry since it’s approval by the FDA back in 1991. No other alternative has really come close to their earnings or market penetration. Dysport seems to be the closest and according to a report by EvaluatePharma from 2018 Dysport only got about 14% the amount of the global sales that BOTOX had in 2018. Not exactly what would be considered “close” in earnings. A BOTOX alternative that has the big advantage of being longer lasting could challenge BOTOX’s market domination in the future though.

Beyond what we’ve talked about here and what is shown on the Revance Therapeutics website – very little else is known about this new products development. Right now it appears that DAXI is still in clinical trials but it is expected that this new BOTOX alternative could be launched at some point in 2020 if it gets FDA approval. We will definitely be keeping an eye on further developments surrounding this over time so be sure to check back here and the Revance Therapeutics site regularly for updates.

*BOTOX is a registered trademark of Allergan. DAXI is an investigational agent that is not approved by the FDA, nor has the FDA determined it to be safe or efficacious in humans. While we have done our best to not misrepresent any products or companies here, please do not take the content of this post as any sort of official statement. Information for this post has been gathered from the following sources: source source source. Please refer to the websites of the respective owners of these products for official information.

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