Sculptra: Send Your Wrinkles Away

Sculptra treatment
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Sculptra Aesthetic is an injectable dermal filler that is changing cosmetic medicine today. It replaces lost collagen in the human body and gives your skin a fuller look. Let’s back up a little and understand how.

How Does Aging Affect Our Skin?

Do you know what builds your bones, muscles, and skin? A protein called collagen!

When we get older than twenty, our bodies produce 1% less collagen in the skin every year. This means that at 50, your body would produce only about 74% of the collagen it did at 20.

“74 is still a good number, right?” Not necessarily.

Along with this natural reduction, exposure to ultraviolet rays, pollution, and unhealthy diets can further speed up the reduction of collagen.

Since collagen strengthens our skin and keeps it hydrated, this is enough to make a substantial change in your appearance, and you might not even be able to recognize yourself in the mirror. Not only does your skin get thin and dry, but your face would also look a lot smaller.


What Can We Do About It?

While good eating habits and anti-aging creams are long-term preventive methods to battle this issue, fillers are fast and effective solutions. Most fillers that have prevailed for decades are Hyaluronic Acid fillers. This is a temporary filling achieved by injecting a sugary liquid (the purple balls you see in the picture above).

Sculptra and a few others, however, are biostimulatory fillers, which push your body to produce more collagen. Sculptra is made from synthetic PLLA, short for Poly-L-Lactic Acid. It’s a natural lactic acid that is produced by our body when physically exerted.

Since this production happens inside your body, this is safer and has long-lasting results. The process in itself takes one to two months, involving multiple 30-minute sessions, but the filling lasts at least two years. Hyaluronic fillers, on the other hand, do not last more than a year.

The Sculptra Filler is nonsurgical, approved by the FDA, and being almost entirely natural, the gradual change in your appearance will also be perceived as normal. Nobody would be able to guess that you got an external treatment.

If you have a high metabolism, a Hyaluronic filler might lose its effect on your skin almost immediately. Instead of getting multiple Hyaluronic fillers a year, you could go for a Sculptra treatment, which could cost you a lot less.


What About Any Side Effects?

Like several other fillers, there is cause for some concern: some test subjects who took the treatment reported swelling, mild bruising, itching, and redness. In such cases, ice works well to shrink your blood vessels and can help minimize bruising.

You cannot get rid of the effects of Sculptra with an antidote. Whether or not you like how it looks, you have to live out its course. In the unfortunate event of the product blocking a blood vessel, there is no way out.

When you get Sculptra, your doctor will ask you to massage the area at timed intervals for nearly a week. If you do not do this consistently, there might be some unwelcome consequences, like lumps under your skin. These might have to be broken down by injecting steroids or removed surgically.

Also, since the entire process is based on collagen production in your own body, different people react to this treatment in different ways. There may be slight uneven growths in some areas, and you may have to use a Hyaluronic filler if you want to even it out perfectly.


Should I Use Sculptra?

When compared to other procedures available for fillers, Sculptra is relatively natural and long-lasting. Since it is FDA approved, you do not have to be overly cautious about its side effects. If you follow your doctor’s instructions sincerely and make sure you don’t get any other treatments during the same time, you can reap the benefits of this amazing product without causing harm to your body. Get a step closer to ageless beauty with Scupltra!

*Information in this article is not medical advice and may not be factually accurate. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. Consult with a physician before attempting any tips in this blog post and to get the most up to date factual data about any procedure or treatment.