Why Buying BOTOX Online Is a Big No

should you buy botox online?
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Nowadays, almost everything can be found on the internet – even cosmetic products such as BOTOX. Several individuals desire to obtain cosmetic procedures and some are even injecting themselves with low-priced drugs purchased over the internet. But remember, there are consequences when using these kinds of products.

If you are planning to purchase BOTOX online and injecting it to yourself at home, you might as well not continue with this idea. You have no idea about the origin and quality of the product that you are going to purchase. Further, not only that this idea can severely damage your looks, but it can also put your life at risk.

Before hitting that checkout button, here are a few hidden hazards that can make you rethink about these kinds of products.

Injecting BOTOX Yourself

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You should never inject BOTOX to yourself! This needs thorough preparation and years of practice. Moreover, you need to have a proper medical license to inject.

BOTOX is a dangerous protein made from botulinum toxin. It’s also a toxin so those who plan to use this product must be cautious. If it’s not injected properly in the right place, wrong muscles could be paralyzed.

If the BOTOX is wrongly injected in the eye area, you could end up having a dangling eyelid or eyebrow, or the very worst possible outcome is that you could even immobilize the muscles that move your eyeball, which will give you difficulties with your vision. Otherwise, if the BOTOX is wrongly injected to the other parts of the face or neck, it could adversely affect your speech and have trouble breathing and/or swallowing.

Poor Quality

Most online shopping sites, that sell black market botulinum toxin, have really no reason to even worry about the quality of the goods they market. As long as those sites are making money, they will continue selling and operating even though the botulinum toxin they sell does not aid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles as advertised.

Aside from being ineffective, poor quality products can cause infection and/or include hazardous chemicals. The result might lead to serious outcomes that would need to be fixed with cosmetic surgery or might even be fatal.

Not FDA approved

Are you sure that the BOTOX you’re going to purchase through that online store is approved by the FDA, or are they only saying that it is approved by the FDA to boost their sales? As said earlier, as long as those online shopping sites are making money, they will continue to sell those BOTOX products without worrying about the quality.

Allergan, a pharmaceutical company that produces great quality products, makes FDA approved BOTOX in the United States. To guarantee that the products they produce are efficient and reliable, they must comply with the strict standards issued by the FDA.

You can gamble all you want and hope to find the same product as what the Allergan produces. However, you might get a dangerous and unreliable product, which may severely damage your looks and put your life at risk, instead. Some online stores might sell products that have the same label as the Allergan’s BOTOX label, but whatever is inside it is different from what it really should be. The materials used to create the BOTOX sold in online stores might not even be the same as the original Allergan BOTOX.

It’s Illegal

Laws are created to keep the criminals behind bars, put people to safety, and to serve justice. Think of injecting a harmful and unknown drug into your body can cause unexplained, harmful outcomes instead of what that you were hoping for.

Since BOTOX is a prescription-only drug, only those individuals who carry a prescription with them and a licensed medical professional are allowed to purchase this. It is considered a crime to buy and/or sell BOTOX products without the appropriate medical certification or license.

Buying BOTOX Online Is Not Worth It

Yes, the products found over the internet are lower compared to the products found inside the mall… But are they worth it? Using BOTOX bought from online shops does not always go well when used at home by yourself, especially if you don’t know anything about injecting those. Even though it’s branded, you don’t know what’s inside the vial you purchase. Further, what’s inside the vial might not even be the original one or as advertised.

When using BOTOX bought online, you must be careful. One wrong move and your life might be placed on the line. Otherwise, when injected to the wrong place might cause a droopy eye, lip, etc., or even a paralyzed face. In some cases, surgery can be an answer to fix whatever the BOTOX you bought online had done to you.

It’s better to leave this kind of treatment to the professionals. There are risks involved, but those risks are only minimal when the professionals have done it. James Christian Sardelli, RPA-C, an experienced aesthetic injector who already has over a decade of expertise using BOTOX and fillers, should be trusted to do this treatment to you. You will surely love and enjoy the outcome since he possesses the essential skills needed for this procedure.

*Information in this article is not medical advice and may not be factually accurate. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. Consult with a physician before attempting any tips in this blog post and to get the most up to date factual data about any procedure or treatment.