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If you have been entertaining the idea of enhancing your facial appearance by starting a program of Botox Cosmetic injections you do not have to travel a great distance to get a confidential consultation. James Christian, one of the New York Metropolitan areas’ most renowned Botox practitioners has an office conveniently located in Smithtown.

Botox treatment at James Christian Cosmetics

Can help you soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles that deepen with expression. Botox works to temper the horizontal lines of the forehead, the frown lines between brows, smile lines or crow’s feet that appear on the sides of the eyes, lip lines, damage created from over exposure to the sun and the normal process of aging.



Botox 100

Standard Botox® treatment for multiple areas that you select – up to 100 units.
(100 units BOTOX®)

Botox Triple Pack

Standard Botox®/Dysport® treatment for 3 areas – frown lines, forehead and crow’s feet.
(up to 60 units of BOTOX®
or 180 units of DYSPORT®)

Sweaty Palms Botox

Introducing Sweaty Palms Botox: Say goodbye to sweaty palms with our breakthrough treatment for just $1999.

From $1999

Botox® Upper Lip Flip

Rolls the lip outward (i.e. “flipping” it) to create the illusion of a bigger lip without the use of a filler.
From $199

Botox® Neck Bands​

Tighten up those neck bands, lift the neck and rejuvenate your appearance with a targeted treatment on the neck bands.
From $650
uses BOTOX®

Botox® Brow Lift

Lift up those brows with our Botox®/Dysport® brow lift treatment.
(up to 60 units BOTOX®
or 180 units DYSPORT®)

By The Area Treatment

Standard Botox®/Dysport® treatment by the area (20 units Botox® / 60 Units Dysport®). Target and smooth wrinkles on the 11’s, forehead, crows feet or elsewhere as needed and pay by the area.
/area BOTOX® or DYSPORT®

Bunny Lines

Get a more youthful. fresh appearance by smoothing bunny line wrinkles.
(up to 10 units BOTOX®
or 30 units DYSPORT®)

Masseter De-Chipmunk - Jawline Definition And Slimming

Relax the masseter muscle and decrease puffy looking jawline and jowls using Botox or Dysport.
(up to 60 units of BOTOX®
or 180 units of DYSPORT®)

Pout Plumpin' BOTOX®

Subtly improve the fullness of your lip pout by gently flipping out the lip line and rolling the lip outward with Botox or Dysport.
(up to 10 units BOTOX®
or 30 units DYSPORT®)

Turn Down The Heat: Underarm Sweat Reduction

Take control of unwanted sweat production in your armpits with this simple treatment.


A Long-Lasting Peptide-Powered treatment designed specifically for frown lines.

3 Sessions

Barbie Botox®

Give your neck an elongated “Barbie” look with Botox injections to the trapezius muscles.

From $1499

Under Eye Jelly Roll

Get a more youthful. fresh appearance by treating the area under the eyes.
(up to 10 units BOTOX®
or 30 units DYSPORT®)

Bombshell Botox®

Tighten up those neck bands, lift the neck and rejuvenate your appearance with a targeted treatment on the neck bands.
From $1,597
– BOTOX® or Dysport®
For The Forehead, Frown Lines, Crows Feet, Upper Lip & Chin

Facial Mini-Tox

Botox/Dysport to the Forehead, Glabellar and Crowsfeet areas to help with reducing pore size, facial sweating, & rosacea

From $999

James Christian, RPA-C Background

He began his studies at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida;
and then completed his graduate studies in allied Health Sciences at Touro College receiving a degree and medical license as a physician assistant. He has trained under some of the top plastic surgeons of the metropolitan area.
and then he finished his graduate studies in Allied Health Sciences at Touro College obtaining a degree and clinical license as a physician assistant. He has actually trained under several of the top plastic surgeons of the metropolitan area.
and has expanded greatly with the advancements in injectable and laser technology. He provides expert technique in all injectable fillers and muscle relaxants over the past decade and continues to make strides as modern medicine evolves.
His advanced training certifications has put him atop the leaders in anti-aging injectable procedures. With his continuing education in the technological advancements in Aesthetics, James Christian is always on the cutting edge. With his finger on the pulse, you will always have access to breakthrough anti-aging medicine.

When you visit James Christian Cosmetics in Smithtown

We will inform you how Botox is one of the safest and most efficient solutions to allow you to positively transform the facial signs of aging.

Wrinkle injections applied by James Christian Cosmetics are minimally invasive and are a simple and non-surgical procedure where we place very small doses of a natural purified protein into specific muscles, which then relaxes those muscles and prevents the contractions that cause wrinkles.

Botox injections are an excellent option to rejuvenate your facial appearance without the worry and extensive plastic surgery that comes with a facelift. A James Christian Botox Cosmetic injection treatment will allow you to join tens of thousands of men and woman who take pride in their appearance and seek to achieve a youthful look that enhances their positive outlook on life.

Getting rid of wrinkles with James Christian will leave you looking rejuvenated and ready to enjoy the rest of the day!

There is no downtime or bedrest needed after your treatment and you will start seeing results almost immediately. After your anti-aging treatment, friends and family will greet you with both sincere smiles combined with a touch of envy that you took the significant step to enhance your looks and appearance.

The first step to experiencing the wonders of Botox Cosmetic is to contact James Christian Cosmetics at the Smithtown location.

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