Cupid’s Bow Lips Are the Newest Trend in Fillers

cupid's bow lips
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Rihanna and Taylor Swift started the newest trend to hit the lip filler industry – “Cupid’s Bow.” This is a name given to a particular shape of the lips. Instead of filling the lips to get a bigger pout this technique focuses on adding sharper definition, particularly on the top center area of the lips.

This trend started in the U.K. with the “Trikwan Cupid’s Bow treatment.” Dr. Zoya Diwan and Dr. Sanjay came up with this treatment when they realized many patients were coming in requesting less volume and more definition in their lips.

The most popular age group for receiving this technique is women over the age of 40. Most don’t want anything drastic. They’re simply looking for a subtle difference that simply defines the lips.

Results can be seen immediately, but the final results won’t be fully visible until a week later. This is great news because most people won’t notice anything has been done to the lips, and over a few days it will define gradually, resulting in a more enhanced, sharper lip line.

For the best lip definition, it’s important to choose a skilled aesthetic professional with great skills in using lip fillers to enhance the pout. One of these licensed medical professionals is James Christian Sardelli, RPA-C.

Get Cupid’s Bow Lips in New York City or Long Island

As a RPA-C aesthetic injector in Manhattan and Long Island, I have already had clients come to me asking for this definition on their upper lip (the philthrum columns). The good news is that I’ve had a lot of experience with this from years of doing lip injections. It’s great that this is coming forward into the limelight, especially in the greater New York area.

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