How to add volume to cheeks

How to add volume to cheeks
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In today’s post we’re going to talk about how to add volume to cheeks… As we age, it’s common for the face to lose volume. Cheeks may not be as filled out as they were several years ago, which can lead to sagging in the face. All of these changes can make you look and feel older.

While there are ways to prevent some age-related changes in your face, once it happens, the only way to correct it is through cosmetic procedures. Luckily, many cosmetic treatments that help bring back volume to the face are non-invasive.

One cosmetic solution I use daily on clients is RADIESSE®. It helps your body produce the collagen you’ve lost through the years due to the aging process. My clients love RADIESSE because it helps reduce wrinkles, fill in creases, and lessen the appearance of nasolabial folds.


RADIESSE is temporary filler that aids the production of collagen through a gel matrix containing a form of calcium.

When the solution is injected into areas of the face, the skin absorbs it. The skin reacts by producing collagen in the treated areas. This is why people often see volume restored even after just one treatment.

RADIESSE can be injected in just about any area of the face including wrinkles in the forehead, and around the mouth and the eyes. If cheeks need volume restored, we offer other product choices to help bring back cheek volume you once had when you were younger.

The only place that RADIESSE is not recommended for is the lips. This makes sense because the solution is meant to boost collagen. By injecting it in the lip area, the solution would produce firm results (not what you want with a lip plumping procedure!). In other words, the lips would look tight and unnatural.

The effects of this calcium-based filler can last up to one year. Some patients continue to see the effects for well beyond 12 months. Your individual results will depend on your body and its ability to continue collagen production after the injection.

How to Know Whether It’s Right for You

If you can see wrinkles and sagging skin on your face, this filler can help. You should be in good health, and be willing to take good care of your skin. This will result in longer lasting effects.

For more information on RADIESSE and the other injectable services I offer, please contact me for a free consultation. Sessions are available throughout the week for your convenience. My cosmetic concierge line is available 24/7 at 917-860-3113. You have nothing to lose except your wrinkles!

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