Restylane Lyft is Now FDA Approved for Cheek Augmentation

Restylane Lyft
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By James Christian, RPA-C

Formerly marketed as “Perlane-L”, the new Restylane Lyft facial filler is now FDA approved to treat cheek volume loss and nasolabial folds in people aged 21 and older.


Potential Treatment Areas of the Face

As we age, certain areas of the face begin to lose volume and can appear “sunken” in or thin, such as the cheek area. Facial expressions can cause deep wrinkles to set in.

Galderma’s newly branded facial filler is now approved for volume restoration to the midface areas, which include the upper and middle cheeks. The filler produces fullness and lift, which allows for a more youthful appearance to the face.

Nasolabial folds form over time as facial expressions cause creases in the areas around the mouth where the cheek and nose meet.

These folds can be filled and smoothed out by injectable facial fillers such as Restylane Lyft.


What’s Different About This Facial Filler?

During research, Galderma reported that about 89% of patients treated with this filler experienced sustained improvements in fullness to their midface areas after two months.

After 12 months, more than 50% of treated subjects maintained fullness improvements. After 12 months, 73% of subjects reported overall “midface appearance improvement”.

This filler contains lidocaine to provide a local anesthetic effect for more comfortable administration during treatment.


Side Effects to Consider

Some patients experienced redness, swelling, tenderness, bruising, and itching at the treatment sites. Galderma reported in their recent press release that most of those reactions were completely resolved at two weeks post-treatment.


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