The Many Faces of BOTOX

Botox for the face
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Many people have been using BOTOX® for years to relax away wrinkles and create a more youthful looking face. However, it turns out botulinum toxin is also good for so much more.

Treating Acne
BOTOX can be used to minimize oil production in the skin, which can help reduce the frequency of breakouts. Although it can’t fully treat this issue, small doses can actually reduce the problem considerably, thus helping control oil production in the face.

Improving the Look of the Nose
Those who don’t want to get a nose job but have noticed age-related drooping of the nose can rejoice! This helpful substance can actually be injected below the nose and between the nostrils in order to mimic the effects of a tiplasty to lower the angle of the nose.

Treating Migraines

Although more studies need to be conducted for us to fully understand these results, botulinum toxin has been found to be effective for some individuals who experience chronic migraines. This is considered to be a last-ditch effort when other treatments do not work, but when it is injected into the forehead and scalp, it can decrease migraine frequency where pain medications cannot help.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

For those who suffer from excessive sweating, this muscle-paralyzing wonder can stop sweat glands from overproducing. The treatment can be injected into the palms of the hands, armpits, or wherever excessive sweating is occurring.

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