Botox For Eczema? A New Use For BOTOX

botox for eczema
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While BOTOX® is considered a safe option for smoothing out wrinkles, another use may now be possible. Researchers have recently used this substance in laboratory animals to show the potential for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema.

Botox for Eczema

Currently, there is no one treatment available to those suffering from this skin condition. Though the issue will often clear up on its own, many people deal with flare-ups for many years without relief.

A number of treatments exist, including creams, steroids, salt baths, and light therapy, but none have been found to be effective in all patients. Most individuals with serious cases require a combination of treatments that, at best, keep the symptoms at bay.

Recent Study Results

Thanks to a clinical trial, botulinum toxin may in fact be a potential option for patients struggling with atopic dermatitis in the future. South Korean researchers tested it on laboratory animals that were suffering from the condition. The researchers noticed a significant reduction in symptoms when the neurotoxin was applied via injection.

The study authors also noted that, when they looked at the changes under a microscope, they saw a general slowing in the cellular processes associated with the skin disorder. Though more research is needed, this could potentially be the beginning of an extremely effective treatment option for those suffering from the redness and itchiness of flare-ups.

The Price of Treatment

Unfortunately, BOTOX injections are expensive, which makes the idea of this treatment cost prohibitive to some individuals. With FDA approval in the future, there may be the option of health insurance companies allowing patients to treat their eczema with botulinum toxin.

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