Why Do 20 Year-Olds Get Fillers?

fillers in your 20s
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More and more young people, especially women, are making the choice to get dermal fillers. Though this isn’t necessarily a move that is meant to slow the aging process as with those who are middle-aged or older, there are a number of different reasons why women in their 20s are grabbing this new trend by the horns.


One of the biggest reasons for the increase in wrinkle fillers is because many celebrities have started using them. Whether it’s one of the Kardashians or other younger celebrities like Megan Fox, women are seeing sexy and fabulous stars looking their best, and they want the same look.

A Common Procedure

Fillers have become an incredibly common, even a normal option in today’s society. If a friend has gotten them and loves his or her new look, it could instigate a call to an injectable expert. There are many different FDA-approved options on the market today, and the commonality of this procedure has increased its popularity.

Filling facial wrinkles is less intensive than surgical procedures that can make patients nervous. Because they do not require the use of general anesthesia and do not require cutting, many individuals are more comfortable with getting the treatment.

Status Symbol

Fillers are still expensive, just like any other cosmetic procedure. This isn’t something that just anyone can afford. In fact, some people like to get fillers because of the status symbol associated with the ability to afford injectables.

As Dr. Sachin Shridharani, a Manhattan plastic surgeon, told Cosmo, “It shows you have your Louis Vuitton bag and your lips — obvious fillers can complete the look of affluence.”

Plastic Surgery Can Be Habit-Forming

Many women decide to get a small procedure to the face or body. If they are happy with the results, it may lead them toward wanting more enhancements. Once you know you can change your appearance into something you prefer, it can be difficult to stop, which is why many people get injections to fill wrinkles, plump lips, or erase crow’s feet.

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