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Fillers For Earlobes
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Aesthetic injectors have been enhancing the faces and necks of countless clients with fillers for many years now in order to reduce wrinkles, sagging, and bags (or at the very least appear less pronounced).

Throughout the past decade, those fillers have been improved upon. Today, they are a bit less costly and a lot safer than when they first hit the market.

We’re excited to report that there’s a brand new use for fillers, and it’s something that’s surprisingly in fairly high demand. Did you know there’s a product now for your earlobes? It’s designed to make earrings sit better in their piercing holes.

Before you balk, there are many who have experienced problems with their earlobes. Some issues stem from the aging process; earlobe skin becomes thinner and less firm. Some lobes even sport wrinkles.

Many moms have experienced this common aesthetic problem. It’s not uncommon for a baby or toddler to yank on earrings at some point in time and to very seriously stretch them out.

According to a recent report, some fillers contain several ingredients, specifically collagen and hyaluronic acid. They can have a temporary effect or, in some cases, can actually provide longer lasting effects.

Dr. Melissa Dost is a cosmetic surgeon who pioneered the use of these fillers on earlobes. “As I was filling my patient’s cheeks, I started saving a little bit of the filler, and using it on their earlobes,” she explains.

Word got around pretty quickly. These days she sees quite a few patients for fillers in these areas each week.

“The response has been great,” she shares. “There’s just something cuter and younger about it.”

Cosmetic treatment costs between $600 and $800 for both sides, and is dependent on how much product is required to achieve the desired results. There is no risk of affecting one’s hearing from getting these treatments, and there is no downtime.

“You can come in, have it done, and go to a luncheon afterwards, or do a Pilates class afterwards,” Dr. Dost says.

Dr. Reza Nassab is a consultant plastic surgeon and spokesperson for the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. She is also encouraged by the use of injectables in this way.

“There have been studies using more permanent solutions such as fat to rejuvenate the earlobe that show good results,” she says.

In the meantime, she says the substances currently in use are perfectly safe. She has just one warning, however.

“As with any filler treatment, patients should seek a practitioner that is appropriately qualified and trained,” she explains. “They should have a good understanding of the anatomy of the area and be able to deal with any complications that should arise.”

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