When to Get BOTOX Before Your Wedding

When to Get BOTOX
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So, you’re planning to get married! Congratulations!

I see many brides-to-be in my office year after year, and it’s right around this time that I start to get asked, “How long before my wedding should I book my appointment?”

The answer depends on whether or not you’ve had BOTOX® before.

BOTOX Virgins and Getting Married

If you’re a BOTOX virgin (i.e., never had BOTOX before), it’s wise to first get it done six months before the big day. This way if you don’t like the look for any reason, the effects will be completely gone by your wedding day.

Many people who have BOTOX for the first time are surprised by how effective it is in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. When something is different about the face, it can take a few weeks to get used to. My clients love their treatments with muscle relaxers because it allows them to appear less stressed and more relaxed through all of the pre-wedding planning and chaos.

Getting your very first treatment six months prior to your special day is the perfect amount of time to decide if it’s right for you. If you love it, you can have your touch up done in plenty of time for your wedding day. Touch ups are usually recommended every 3-4 months.

Repeat Treatments

Those of you who are no strangers to botulinum toxin injections should make an appointment depending on when your last appointment was. Since the toxin lasts about 3-4 months in the facial muscles, you’ll want to time your touch up injections about 3 weeks before you walk down the aisle. This will give your muscles time to see the full effect of the toxin and be fully relaxed in all of the right places.

Make It Part of Your Wedding Preparations

Many brides-to-be ask if they can bring in their bridesmaids for a girl’s day together. This is definitely something we do…and we do it often! Simply make an appointment and let us know how many lovely ladies you’re bringing with you. That way we can make arrangements to give you and your bridesmaids the special attention every one of you deserves.

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