4 Skin Tips for a Clearer Face

Skin Tips for a Clearer Face
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When we were teenagers, we assumed acne would be a thing of the past. Wrong! Adult acne is just as prevalent as puberty-related blemishes. Dealing with this grown-up problem is confusing and frustrating, but with the right steps you can have a clear and blemish-free face.

Best Skin Fit

When it comes to our skin, everyone is unique. Some people have dry skin, while others are prone to oiliness. What works for one person may be detrimental for another, depending on the their individual needs.

Take the time to learn your skin type and then try different approaches to find what is right for you. From toners to oils to activated charcoal – the choices of natural skin care are endless. Figure out what works for you and what you like, then stick with it.

The Makeup No-No

When it comes to skin care, never work out or sleep in makeup. Your pores need to breathe at night to recover from the day. When they are blocked with makeup and sweat for hours on end, they become clogged with oil, sweat, and bacteria. These can lead to pimples, as the pore becomes infected.

Stop Touching Your Face

It can be easy to forget that many different items touch your face every day: face products, cosmetics, makeup brushes, your pillow, cell phone, and even sunglasses. Do you clean these regularly? If not, you should. Germs live on these items, and they can cause problems for your face.

Start a habit of sanitizing items to minimize germs. Be sure you are keeping your makeup brushes and sponges clean, too. An alternative to cell phone germ exposure is to consider using the speakerphone or earbuds. Heeding this advice will help in the prevention of trapped bacteria in your pores (which can lead to acne).

You Are What You Eat

Everyone has heard the saying “you are what you eat,” but how many women truly consider the truth behind it? Getting rid of problem foods does more than just ward off weight issues. Eating the right foods and stopping the consumption of the wrong ones results in a healthy glow to the skin.

What we eat is reflected in our face and skin. Acne is exacerbated by highly processed foods and refined sugars. For some people, gluten and nightshade family vegetables cause skin problems, too. Adding probiotics, fiber-filler leafy green vegetables, pineapple, elderberry, and papaya are all helpful not only to the digestive system, but to the overall health of the skin and body.

Green drinks and smoothies are also great ways to get the essential nutrients your skin needs for its best health, hydration, and a clear complexion. After implementing these techniques and tips for a full thirty days, you will be amazed with the results you see and feel.

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