Ditch Cotton Pillowcases to Reduce Wrinkles

Pillowcases to Reduce Wrinkles
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You probably never thought twice about your pillowcase making you look older. Of course, like most people, you’ve woken up with creases on your face when the material folds, but can it actually cause wrinkles? It doesn’t sound possible, but research has found that there may be an association.

Australian cosmetic nurse Laura Lynch recently revealed that cotton material can cause age-related skin effects on the face. “Cotton doesn’t allow for the skin to slide so it catches the skin, pulling it into a position and it doesn’t really allow the skin to bounce back to its natural form,” according to Lynch.

What can you use instead?

Silk pillowcases are best. The skin can slide on this type of fabric much easier, so there’s no chance of pulling it the way cotton material can.  “Silk is a natural fibre, it’s hypoallergenic, it allows for the skin to breathe, and it allows the skin to slide over the surface,” says Lynch.

Position Matters

Your sleeping position matters as well. If you are apt to sleeping on your side or tummy, you will likely end up with more wrinkles than if you sleep on your back. This makes sense since a side- or tummy-sleepers’ face is directly on the pillow, giving the face many chances during the night to get wrinkled.

Silk can help prevent wrinkles, but it’s not a guarantee. Silk is just a better alternative to cotton. Combine silk pillowcases with sleeping on your back, and the chances of causing wrinkles at night decreases substantially.

How Genetics and Environment Play a Role

Some people can use cotton pillowcases their entire life and have minimal wrinkles, while others can use silk pillowcases and have a lot of wrinkles. How is this possible? Genetics and the environment continue to play a role in whether or not you will end up with this age-related effect.

If you’re predisposed to a less than desirable amount of collagen or elastin in your skin, you will likely get wrinkles whether or not you use a silk pillowcase. Your sleep position may not have a positive affect either.

If you smoke, tan regularly, or eat lots of processed foods, these lifestyle choices can all contribute to causing wrinkles. A silk pillowcase wouldn’t be a wrinkle-preventer in cases like these.

The use of a cotton pillowcase and sleeping on your side/belly just adds to the chances of developing wrinkles; it doesn’t necessarily guarantee they will happen.

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