What is “Protox” and is it Right for You?

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We all learn through the course of our careers to check our problems at the door. The workplace is not the place to bring in emotions from our personal lives. As time progresses though, we can’t hide the fine lines and wrinkles in our skin resulting from the stressors of everyday life.

Many professionals find it necessary to not only smooth the effects of age and time on their faces for beauty’s sake, but to also remain looking as calm as possible while at work. Certain professions that require a poker-faced demeanor, such as lawyers, bankers, and executives, are now opting for BOTOX® Cosmetic.

About BOTOX Injections

BOTOX is an injectable used to smooth fine lines in the face. The Onabutulinum Toxin A solution prevents muscles from contracting. Patients normally express concern over whether their range of facial movement will be too limited after the procedure. Increasingly though, maintaining a calm looking demeanor is exactly what clients want. When administered by an experienced injector, such as James Christian Sardelli, RPA-C, the look is never overdone.


Doctors are seeing a new surge of requests for “Protox,” as it is being called, to boost their appearance at work. Recipients maintain that treatments contribute to them being taken more seriously. Women, especially, are opting for this treatment to appear stronger at work amidst stereotypes that they are more emotional.

Clenched jaws and raised or furrowing brows are easily hidden with this injectable. Psychiatrists, for example, must listen to their clients without appearing judgmental, maintaining steady facial expressions throughout their sessions.

A steady facial expression is also vital to appearing calm, cool, and collected in high stress professions such as law and banking. A stockbroker or trial attorney, for example, will be able to appear more confident and competent when the pressure mounts yet his or her face does not show it.

Besides preventing a furrowing brow and frown lines on an especially intense workday, this muscle relaxant can prevent sweating under pressure. Sweat glands surrounding the injection site are essentially paralyzed, preventing them from releasing sweat onto the skin.

Dermatologists report politicians and media personalities frequently seek this cosmetic procedure to eliminate sweating in public. Nervous sweating naturally embarrasses individuals whose job requires them to perform or appear in public. Increasingly, they are opting for this treatment to keep them appearing calm and collected in all situations.

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