Facial Contouring and Slimming with BOTOX

BOTOX for facial contouring
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Many people with round faces, such as those of Asian descent, desire a more V-shaped face. The . term “V-line,” first spoke of in Korea, describes a face that is wider at the top and narrow at the chin. For people with a round face, this means eliminated puffy cheeks, a double chin, etc. to create a V shape.

BOTOX® for Facial Contouring and Slimming

Sculpted cheekbones and a more narrow and converge shape towards the chin can make the face appear slimmer. BOTOX along with fillers can help achieve this look.

The bonus is the treatment can also smooth away any wrinkles around the nose and mouth.

How Does It Work

BOTOX (botulinum toxin) helps jaw muscles relax, and that stimulates a soothing sensation that causes the chewing muscles to become slimmer. In addition to that thinning effect, the injectable blocks the nerve impulses in the muscles, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The slimming of the cheekbones and blocking nerve impulses elongates the face and gives it a lifted appearance.

This procedure does not reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the face. It simply relaxes the face, so it looks longer rather than wider.

How Long It Takes to See Results

The treatment’s effects are fully seen after three to five days. This is when the skin is most smooth and supple. It’s also when puffiness in the cheeks and under the chin subsides, which helps get rid of the double chin.

How Long Results Last

Results can last up to four months. Those who continue the treatment for a few sessions may start to notice results last longer – up to six months.

Who Can Benefit from the Treatment

Anyone who has a square or round jawline who isn’t happy with the appearance of their face should consider this option. Also, those who have chubby or bloated cheeks and a double chin.

BOTOX in Manhattan and Long Island

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