Divorce Ages People Two Years

Divorce ages people
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Divorced? Getting divorced? Fear divorce? No matter what category you are in, you should how divorce can affect your skin.

Study Shows Significant Aging Effects on Divorced People

A healthy, loving marriage can ward off some anti-aging effects according to research conducted by Dr. Guyuron and his colleagues. Their study showed images of twins to study participants and asked them gauge the twins’ ages. Results were significant: the twin who was divorced was identified on average as 2 years older than the married twin.

Research Implications

Divorce is one of life’s most stressful situations. Stress is a major contributor to age-related effects, so it makes sense that divorce can age a person by as much as two extra years.

Stress chemicals such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol are released when the body is under emotional stress. Long bouts of stress can lead to deterioration at the cellular level, which causes a breakdown and loss of collagen. And unfortunately, reduced collagen is what leads to facial sagging and wrinkles.

What to Do About It

Fillers can help save your skin from most of the horrible stress that is caused by divorce. No matter if it’s amicable or not, there’s stress involved, and that doesn’t have to stay with you forever.

Dermal fillers are highly effective in boosting volume in the face and stimulating collagen production. When there’s more volume and collagen, wrinkles are smoothed away and the skin is strengthened.

In addition to the filling effect you’ll get from dermal fillers, the hyaluronic acid in these products will help stimulate collagen production and draw moisture into the cells beneath the skin. This will provide a fresher, younger, tighter appearance to your skin while also lifting it.

Get Dermal Fillers in Manhattan and Long Island

Divorced or not, dermal fillers can help you look younger. They can add volume, stimulate collagen production, and lift the skin for a smoother, more youthful look.

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