Fillers for Younger Looking Hands

Fillers for Younger Looking Hands
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Many people believe the hands are what really gives away one’s age.

Whether or not hands show wrinkles with age depends on many factors such as:

  • Genetics
  • Sun Block Use
  • Moisturizer Use
  • Age
  • Weight Fluctuations

Some people can enter into their Golden Years with smooth, mildly wrinkled hands while others end up with deep wrinkles. Wrinkles aren’t the only signs of aging. Thinner and looser skin can also show tendons and veins, which some people find unattractive.

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about how old your hands look, you may be interested in knowing the FDA has approved Restylane Lyft for use in the hands.

About the FDA Approval

Restylane Lyft® is a hyaluronic acid filler that has been approved by the FDA for use on the face and hands. It is the first filler approved for use on another part of the body besides the face.

This filler has been used (off-label) for many years on the hands, so it’s good to know that the FDA has now made it known that it is a good treatment to help the hands look younger.

How It Works

An HA fillers, like Restylane Lyft, works just the same way as it does on the face. It causes a rejuvenating effect that boosts volume and plumpness.  When it is injected, the fullness that it provides reduces the appearance of tendons and veins, and fills loose skin to decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

Before injections begin, a local anesthetic and ice may be used to numb the area. An injector, such as James Christian Sardelli, RPA-C, will then pinch up the skin and inject the filler into the deep layer of the skin.

Side effects are minimal. Some people experience swelling and bruising after injections, but those subside in a day or two.

Most people report the effects last about a year. To keep up your results, it’s necessary to repeat treatments on an annual basis.

Fillers in Manhattan and Long Island

If you’re interested in FDA approved Restylane Lyft for your hands, contact James Christian Cosmetics. We specialize in aesthetic treatments such as fillers, BOTOX®, vampire facelift, and more for youthful, healthier looking skin. For  more information or to book an appointment, call or text our 24/7 Cosmetic Concierge line at 917-860-3113.

James Christian Cosmetics has multiple locations on Long Island and in Manhattan including Commack, New York City, Farmingdale, Westhampton Beach, Commack, Rockville Centre, Babylon Village, and Islip.


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