Long-Term Safety of Fillers

Safety of fillers
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The use of fillers to boost the beauty of the face and other body parts has been increasing for the last few years, and there’s no sign it’s stopping. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons Report finds that these minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have jumped 200% since 2000. With so many people getting fillers, many people are starting to wonder if there are long-term safety concerns.

The Long-Term Effects of Fillers

The good news is there have not been any negative long-term effects with the use of fillers. While there isn’t 100-year safety data on cosmetic botulinum and hyaluronic acid, the data that has been released thus far shows nothing concerning.

For hyaluronic acid fillers, the main ingredient is found inside of the body already.  As people age, the amount of hyaluronic acid decreases, which is why filters are so beneficial in producing a youthful appearance.

What Is Concerning About Fillers

The concern with the increase in fillers use is when people decide to go to inexperienced injectors or do it themselves by buying them online. No one knows what they will get when they order fillers or botulinum from an online seller.  The formulas could cause devastating results or lead to serious health problems. Injecting fillers into the face or other parts of the body in the wrong locations could damage muscles and nerves. Treatment could cost thousands of dollars and may not be effective in eliminating all of the negative visible effects.

The only way to ensure you receive a safe and healthy filler treatment is by contacting an experienced injector, such as James Christian Sardelli, RPA-C. He purchases all of his products directly from the manufacturer to ensure his clients receive the best quality.

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