Man Improves Sex Life with Fillers

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A man with the pseudonym Dan decided to have Bellafill injected into his penis to enlarge it. The effects have made him very happy in the bedroom.

Dan says:

“I’ve been insecure and self-conscious about my penis size for most of my adult life. It’s not on my mind all the time, but it’s always bothered me. There wasn’t a specific instance when a partner was explicitly disrespectful or mean, but there have been times when I could tell it wasn’t satisfying or didn’t work as smoothly as it should.”

When Dan overheard someone talking about enlargement fillers, he had two concerns.

  1. The pain level associated with the fillers.
  2. The possibility of a negative effect on performance.

After speaking to several loved ones and doing some research, he decided it was relatively safe and wanted to try it.

About the Procedure

Dan says that he was first numbed. He was then injected with Bellafill at the base as well as along the entire length of the penis.

He didn’t watch as they injected the filler. He said that he would not recommend anyone watching it.

After his second treatment, he looked at before and after pictures, and he was impressed. There was a noticeable difference in girth (about one and half inches).

Sex After the Procedure

Dan’s fiancée was supportive and excited for him to have this procedure, not only for her, but for his self-confidence. Dan felt much better about himself, and sex was much better for him. He was concerned he wasn’t going to feel as much, but he says that there’s no difference. Intimacy is now better for both him AND his fiancée.

Follow Up Treatment

The fillers last up to six months, which means if Dan wants to keep his results, he’ll need to go in for maintenance fillers. While it is an expense ($3,000 for the treatment), he says it’s worth it because of the improvements to his sex life and self-confidence.

Not only does the treatment help him have better sex, but it’s may even be helping him in other areas of his life. He is likely feeling much more confident in his overall relationship with his fiancée and possibly in his career. The feelings someone has in one part of their life often carries over to other areas. This is why this enlargement procedure can be such a good option for certain men.

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