Protox: Botox for the Professional Millennials

Botox for professional millennials
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Botox has gained popularity through the years for treating wrinkles and preserving youthful looks. But Botox’s many uses do not end there. In recent years, there has been rising popularity to what is dubbed as Protox, a shortened form of professional Botox. This specialized Botox treatment is made for professionals wanting to exude a certain look, project a certain impression, possibly change people’s perception and to some extent hide emotions and expressions.

Lawyers, bankers and executives, professions that demand a particular look of calm, with the high-stress levels of these jobs it would be impossible to maintain.

Other professions require different expressions, Protox offers a variety of ways to give you the look suited for your job description.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Different professions demand different impressions, a psychiatrist projecting a disapproving look to a patient does not work well compared to a prosecutor projecting the same disapproving look to a defendant.

An educator needs to be able to look sympathetic and surprised when interacting with students. Hence, the need for retaining movement of the muscles that raise the eyebrows. A teacher would benefit from the wrinkle-removing effect of Botox to achieve a more youthful and fresh look when showing up to classes.

A lawyer requires some movement on the corrugator muscle for the disapproving look, vertical wrinkles and furrowed brows, when arguing a case. Botox injections would allow an attorney to appear more confident and competent when the pressure mounts yet his or her face does not show it.

A professional poker player, however, needs to eliminate the look of surprise and facial tells such as jaw clenching. Botox would be injected to relax the frontalis and masseter muscles to keep the poker player’s emotions from showing up.

A psychiatrist could do without a disapproving or judgy look during sessions with patients, the corrugator muscles should be targeted to relax them, but keep a bit of movement for the frontalis muscles so the eyebrows can still move to show sympathy and understanding on what the patient’s saying.

For politicians, forehead Botox treatments do wonders to provide a more friendly and less worried countenance in front of prospective voters.

Protox is not easy, it requires professional artistry that can only be achieved through years of experience. An expert injector would be able to work with the expressions you want to keep as well as the ones you want to be removed. Choose a Botox injectable professional who can help you achieve a natural look that suits your face yet keeps it expressionless without looking frozen.

Protox Professional Goals

Botox has been known for its aesthetic purposes but there has been a growing number of professionals getting treatments in able for them to stay competitive in the workplace.

The youthful appearance resulting from Botox injections not only benefits one’s self-esteem it may also lead to benefits in the workplace.

For women in highly competitive professions, Protox gives them an edge as it allows them to appear strong and unemotional, this gives them higher leverage at work.

Another great use of Botox for professionals is its effectiveness in treating hyperhidrosis. This is especially helpful for businessmen and politicians to maintain powerful handshakes free of sweat. Though the pandemic may limit those handshakes Botox injections also remedy excessive sweating that can be seen as a sign of nervousness. It can also stop sweating on the forehead, feet and underarms.

Celebrities, models and people who are always in the public eye, would greatly benefit by using Botox to keep off sweat from beading on their foreheads and prevent sweaty underarms from ruining an otherwise immaculate image.

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