Reshape Your Cheeks

Reshape your cheeks
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High cheekbones and fuller cheeks have always been a sign of youth and health in society. As people age, they may experience facial volume loss caused partly by the breakdown of proteins such as collagen that provide structure to the skin. Facial volume loss can also be due to weight loss, excess sun exposure, smoking or some medical conditions.

Areas of the face may begin to lose their structural support as natural collagen production declines, cheeks begin to appear sunken, taking away from a person’s youthful looks.

How Can You Add Volume to Your Cheeks?

Nonsurgical cheek enhancement is an innovative new technique to augment and improve the cheek area without surgery or the pain and downtime of traditional plastic surgery. This treatment involves injecting certain facial fillers to the cheeks and midface area to restore volume, enhance a more youthful appearance, and make the skin more pliable. Unlike plastic surgery, which can be painful and dangerous, nonsurgical fillers do not require incisions, scars, or other marks. This means less time away from work, pain, and downtime for patients. A more youthful appearance is one of the most desired results of any cosmetic procedure, but achieving that look can take months to years to achieve with the traditional surgical procedures.

A nonsurgical cheek augmentation procedure utilizes the use of injectable fillers. These filler substances are designed specifically to mimic the functions of natural lipids, collagen, and elastin. Fillers can also be made to emulate the structural aspects of the cheeks such as the zygomatic bone and orbit. Because these substances are so similar to the skin’s own proteins, there is a lesser risk of an allergic reaction or adverse skin reaction to the filler.

Injectable fillers had been increasingly popular as an effective nonsurgical cheek treatment. While there are many options when considering facial fillers, the safest and most commonly used is a mixture of synthetic and real protein particles.  One of its greatest advantages is that injectable fillers are designed to stay in the targeted area, which makes them less noticeable after treatment is complete.

Hyaluronic acid fillers (Restylane, Juvederm) are often the chosen solution for minor cosmetic enhancements for individuals who desire natural-looking cheeks without a major change in facial structure. HA fillers have been used to enhance cheek lines, provide a more youthful appearance, provide more definition to the nose, chin, and cheek areas, and decrease deep facial wrinkles. HA is a naturally-occurring molecule found within the body and is responsible for attracting and retaining water.

Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHa) (Radiesse) is one of the most well-studied dermal fillers, additionally, research shows it is safe and well-tolerated when used properly. A normally happening substance found essentially in our bones when we utilize CaHa in a filler, the calcium particles are about minuscule and suspended in a smooth gel. The consistency of a CaHA filler is ordinarily thicker than that of a hyaluronic acid filler and ordinarily lasts longer as well, almost 12 months for most patients. CaHa has been found to assist in stimulating natural collagen generation, hence its advantage for building natural volume months after the treatment.

Get Your Dream Cheeks

If you wish to restore volume to your cheeks or simply have not been gifted with high cheekbones by genetics, nonsurgical cheek augmentation is a great option.

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