The Dangers of Buying BOTOX Online

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Many people who want to pay less for BOTOX® will search Google to see if they can buy it online. Yes, there are websites that sell it, but should you trust them? The answer is almost always “no” (with very few exceptions).

Here are some hidden dangers you need to consider before making that purchase!
It’s Not from Allergan

Allergan is the company that makes BOTOX in the United States. They must meet rigorous standards set by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure their product is safe and effective for users.

Sure, you can gamble hoping to get this same quality from another manufacturer…but what’s worse is you may get an unsafe or ineffective product instead. The truth is, you don’t know what is inside the vial you purchase — even if the label is identical to Allergan’s BOTOX label.

It’s Illegal

BOTOX can either be purchased if someone has a prescription or by a licensed medical professional. When someone buys or sells these products without having the right medical credentials or license, it is a crime.

Laws are put in place to keep people safe. You can imagine the harm that could result if an unknown and dangerous substance is injected into your body instead of the BOTOX you were hoping for.

It’s Low Quality

Sites that sell black market botulinum toxin are doing it to make money, not to help people reduce wrinkles and fine lines. These sites have no reason to truly care about the quality of the products they sell. Further, they can shut down and disappear at any time.

Low quality products may not only be ineffective, but they can cause infections or contain dangerous chemical toxins. The after-effects could lead to devastating consequences that might need to be corrected with plastic surgery or could even be deadly.

The Dangers of Buying BOTOX Online by James Christian Cosmetics in Long Island & NYC. (917) 860-3113
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Injecting BOTOX Yourself

Under no circumstances should you ever inject BOTOX yourself. It requires extensive education and years of practice. You also must have a proper medical license to inject. If this product is injected incorrectly, it can lead to systemic botulism (a deadly condition) or interfere with the muscles that control breathing and swallowing.

Only an experienced aesthetic injector such as James Christian Sardelli, RPA-C should be trusted to inject you. He has over a decade of experience using BOTOX and fillers. You can feel safe and comfortable knowing that you’ll love your results because he has the necessary skills.

Do you really trust yourself (or a unlicensed person) to inject a substance like this without having any idea how to do it safely? Of course not!
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You do not have to resort to buying cheap BOTOX online and having it injected by a con artist. You can get the real product, skillfully administered by an experienced aesthetic injector, James Christian Sardelli, RPA-C.

We offer genuine, FDA-approved BOTOX and fillers at great prices you can pre-purchase online. If you’re a first-time shopper, you can get an additional 10% off your first purchase.

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