The Scientific Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

Benefits of a juice cleanse
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People have been trying juice cleanses for years. It’s one of the few health practices that haven’t fallen by the wayside. Unlike other types of cleanses, research has identified several benefits of a juice cleanse.

Refreshes the Digestive System

The digestive system works hard to process all of the foods and drinks you consume each day. If those foods and drinks are unhealthy, it can wreak havoc on the entire digestive system, disrupting how it functions.

The good news is that a juice cleanse can repair some damage caused by an unhealthy diet. When you consume cold pressed, raw fruit and vegetable juices, your body receives the nutrients and vitamins it needs to function at an optimal level. Drinking nutritious juices is also gentler on the digestive system allowing your stomach & intestines to recover and recharge.

After three days, most people report they feel less bloated, lighter, and have more regular bowel movements.

Increases Energy

Most people want more energy to accomplish everything they need to do. Juices flood the body with a healthy dose of enzymes and nutrients. This creates a lasting, clean energy. It’s much different than the ups and downs that come with caffeinated drinks (such as energy drinks) and sugar.

Each glass of fresh juice provides a nice boost of energy that lasts for hours. This is why people who drink juice can get through their day without consuming solid foods.

Lowers Inflammation

Researchers have found that juice cleanses can reduce inflammation when certain foods are included. In fact, continuing a plant-based diet after a cleanse can also minimize or eliminate inflammation.

The body becomes inflamed when some foods are consumed such as animal proteins, sugar, and dairy (do your own research; this is not an exhaustive list of inflammatory foods). A juice cleanse can calm the body by allowing your liver and kidneys to remove any lingering toxins in the body so that your digestive system can utilize the nutrients in the juice. These powerhouse nutrients (like vitamin C and other antioxidants) repair cells, which bring the body back to a more balanced state.

To lower inflammation, include these in your juices:

  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Cayenne

Hydrates the Body

Statistics show 75% people live their lives dehydrated. Cold pressed juices effectively hydrate the body. Numerous health benefits come from hydrating the body:

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