6 Ways to Reduce Premature Skin Aging

Reduce Premature Skin Aging
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None of us can escape the natural aging process. We will all grow older and our looks will change. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t do something to help slow it down and help our skin look its youngest at every age.

The following are excellent ways to prevent premature skin aging.

1. Use sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be applied year-round. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays are what can cause damage to the skin (wrinkles, we’re talking about you!) and develop dark spots that can make us look older. If you want to look tan all year round without risking skin cancer and wrinkles, opt for a sunless tanning product or get a spray tan (choose an organic brand).

2. Use moisturizer.

Moisturizer is so important for your skin year-round. Dry skin is a precursor to fine lines and wrinkles, so fight back with topical hydration. Choose products that have emollients and hyaluronic acid, which bring moisture to the skin’s surface and lock it in all day long.

3. Eat healthy.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for your skin. They contain vitamins and minerals that can keep you glowing while also boosting your body’s ability to fight free radical damage so you can look younger for longer.

4. Exercise.

Getting your blood pumping is great for you. This process helps your face and body repair itself to give you that fresh even as you grow older. A significant benefit of exercise is that it also boosts your body’s production of growth hormone, which helps you look and feel younger than you actually are.

5. Attack changes as they happen.

As soon as you see fine lines and/or wrinkles, consider aesthetic services that will smooth them away. Not only will it help preserve your youthful appearance, but you will feel much better about yourself; that can motivate you to continue taking great care of your body both inside and out.

Some of the best products for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles include BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM®, and Restylane®. BOTOX is an injectable with diluted form of the neurotoxin Botulinum Toxin A. It relaxes facial muscles and blocks local nerve impulses. This prevents users from making certain facial expressions that make the wrinkles.

Juvederm fillers are made of hyaluronic acid gel, a natural occurring substance in the skin that helps boost volume and hydration. It can correct moderate to severe wrinkles and folds.

Restylane is also made of hyaluronic acid, and it’s a soft tissue dermal filler that boosts volume and smooths facial folds around the mouth and eyes. Many other aesthetic options are available to help you look fabulous, so contact James Christian Cosmetics today for a no-cost consultation at 1-844-iBOTOX-NOW or call/text our 24/7 Cosmetic Concierge line at 917-860-3113.

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