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There’s this other new beauty aesthetic heavily influenced by social media. We have seen the popularity of Facetune in recent years, the Instagram face has evolved and is reflected on the faces of influencers like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and their sisters. A key component of this look lies in the eyes, a combination of wide-set almond-shaped eyes turned up at the outer corners framed with long lashes and lifted brows. This set of combination popularly referred to as “fox eyes” has caught a lot of attention and has been one of the most coveted looks for aesthetic procedures.

The Anatomy of Fox Eyes

Think Disney princess eyes, this look features big eyes with eyelids that extend far beyond the normal human ability to appear surprised.

Lifted Brows

Sky high brow arches that make the top half of a face look long and elegant

Upturned Almond Eyes

Exotic eye shape with outer corners lifted resembling cat eyes

Long Lashes

Thick long lashes to frame and emphasize the beauty of almond-shaped eyes

Get the Fox Eyes Look

Botox Brow Lifts

Botox is administered on the area between the brows where usually vertical wrinkles referred to as frown lines or 11’s are formed. The muscles between the brows are relaxed, smoothing the skin on the outside skin vanishing the wrinkles. Then the muscles on the forehead tend to pull up the relaxed muscle on the area between the brows. As a direct result of those muscles being pulled up, the brows are lifted and the eyes open up.

Additional shots of Botox can be administered to the tips of your eyebrows, this will relax those muscles, allowing the forehead muscles to pull up those muscles, too. The resulting level of lift from these injections varies depending on the age and tone of your forehead muscles.

Facial Fillers

Fillers (hyaluronic acid-Juvederm and Restylane, and calcium hydroxyapatite-Radiesse) perfectly complement the effect of Botox brow lifts. After the brows have been lifted, facial fillers provide additional left and volume to key areas around the eyes and brows. As people age, skin tends to lose elasticity and muscles to lose volume causing the bony orbital socket to be more prominent. Adding filler on this location adds volume that lifts the skin from the skull, softening the look. Additionally, it smooths away wrinkles, fills in the folds and restores the shape of the brows. It also tends to open up the eyes by lifting the skin of the upper eyelids, producing a more alert and youthful appearance.


eyelash extensions are part of a fox eye lift
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What’s the best way to focus all the attention on your eyes? Frame them with beautiful long lashes. Mascara not enough, you can always try eyelash extensions. There are options you can choose from, to achieve the desired thickness and volume perfect for your look.


Surgical Brow Lift

Surgical brow lift performed in the early days is called “coronal brow lift”, it involves an incision that goes over the head from ear to ear and pulls up the forehead, similar to a facelift, but only focusing on the brow. This procedure has its disadvantages including the possibility of permanent nerve damage and hair loss in front of the scar.
The early ’90s found the way for endoscopic browlift which required just 2-4 small incisions. However, this surgical procedure still required anesthetic and also left scarring. Variable lengths to complete the procedure coupled with the risks for complications proved detrimental to the popularity of this treatment.

Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty involves removing excess skin or fat to rejuvenate or correct the shape of the eyes. This process includes cutting, removing excess skin from and suturing the upper eyelids. As with any surgical procedure, it requires an anesthetic.

Advantages of a Non-Surgical Fox Eye Lift

Immediate Results

Right after the treatment, you can immediately see the effects of the procedure.

Recovery Time

Recovery time is near to nothing, you can actually go back to your daily tasks after the treatment.

Lower Risk of Infection

Compared to surgical procedures, Botox and filler injections pose lesser risks of infection.

It’s Not Permanent

In case you change your mind and you are not happy with the results, you can wait out the 3-6 months your body metabolizes Botox. If you are not satisfied with the fillers you can ask for an injection to naturally dissolve the hyaluronic acid.

Non-Surgical Fox Eye Lift at James Christian Cosmetics

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