BOTOX Is for Men Too

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BOTOX® for men is usually referred to as “Brotox.” Men get their own name for it because they are owning it.

Forget the days of the attraction to tired, rugged looking men. Women are running after younger looking men now, which is why men are running towards BOTOX.

The Problem with Brotox

Even though more men are embracing this so-called fountain of youth, many men are still ashamed of admitting to getting it. They simply chock up their youthfulness to “good genetics” and change the subject. While that is true to some extent for many men, reducing fine lines and wrinkles has more to do with the BOTOX they get every few months.

Why is there still a stigma surrounding Brotox? For decades, men were regarded as distinguished as they started to age. It was all part of “being a man.” If he tried to keep himself from looking his age with injections, he was regarded as a “pretty boy” or “sissy.” This perception is still around today, but thankfully it’s fading.

At James Christian Cosmetics, we want to the men out there know – don’t be ashamed of wanting to hold on to your youthful looks. BOTOX is for women AND men. It doesn’t make you any less of a man, and in actuality, it can make you more of one. Here’s why…

BOTOX and fillers can boost men’s self-confidence. This leads to a more satisfying sex life and better business opportunities. It can help men love their life and take advantage of new opportunities.

If injections are going to make men feel better because they look better, then what is wrong with getting them? Nothing. There is nothing wrong about improving the way you look. Women do it all the time, and more men nationwide are starting to warm up to it.

In fact, the number of men getting injections increased by more than 337% since 2000. One study found that this increase has a lot to do with increased competition in the workplace. As older men are replaced by younger ones, there’s a greater motivation to stay young looking as long as possible.

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