The Many Ways Fillers Make You Look Younger

Fillers make you look younger
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If you’ve been considering fillers to help you look younger, we highly recommend them. Fillers have made millions of women and men love their face again — and we want the same for you.

Fillers and BOTOX® provide incredible combined effects when it comes to smoothing and filling in creases, deep wrinkles, and folds. The following are just some of the ways you can use these non-surgical solutions to help you look a years younger.

Reduces Frown Lines

BOTOX temporarily paralyzes facial muscles, which can help release the wrinkles between the eyes (glabellar muscles). These vertical wrinkles that look a lot like the number 11 are a result of a many years of squinting in the sun and frowning when upset.

With regular BOTOX injections, those wrinkles fade away while keeping new ones from forming. Results last approximately 3-6 months and each treatment reduces existing wrinkles until they are virtually undetectable.

Boosts Volume in the Cheeks

As we age, fat is lost in certain areas of the face. This can make us look worn down and older. To plump up the face to give it back its youthful appearance, fillers can be used. They can be skillfully injected into the cheek and lip areas to give the face a balanced, younger look.

Many people notice their face looks lifted as well. Results depend on the type of filler used, so be sure to speak to an experienced injector about which fillers will give you the results you want.

Prevents Crow’s Feet

The skin around the eyes is thin and highly sensitive. As such, it’s more susceptible to wrinkles than other areas of the face. To smooth away wrinkles in these areas and keep crow’s feet away, BOTOX can help. By relaxing the outer corners of the eyes, wrinkles are smoothed away. Again, future wrinkles can be prevented because the facial muscles are no longer moving so no new wrinkles can form.

Plumps the Lips

Plumper lips are what many people want, but that’s not always possible due to genetics and age. Fortunately, fillers can provide natural-looking fuller lips. Restylane® and Juvéderm® are two fillers that are used in the lips, and they each last about six months. By keeping up with regular lip injections, you can maintain your extra-kissable pout.

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