How Sugar Affects the Skin

How Sugar Affects the Skin
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Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, it may be causing you to age faster. Numerous studies show that sugar is just as bad for your skin as it is for your health. It can be hard to find the motivation to stop eating sugary foods. But knowing more about how it affects your skin might give you that extra “oomph” to finally nix it for good.

Causes Breakouts

Adult acne can sometimes be caused by overindulging in sugary foods. Sugar increases inflammation. This inflammation can make pimples redder and more painful than usual.

Diets high in sugar can decrease the body’s white blood cell count, which can make you susceptible to infections, thus increasing the chances of breakouts.

Infections and breakouts can cause the body to produce more stress hormones due to the rise in inflammation. This can lead to higher oil production. With too much oil in your pores, they can get clogged and retain bacteria…creating the perfect environment for new acne to form.

Breaks Down Collagen

Sugar attaches to collagen proteins in a process known as glycation. Glycation produces a substance called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These AGEs are destructive to collagen, which is responsible for keeping the skin firm and smooth. People who eat a lot of sugary foods often see wrinkles and loose skin much sooner in life than those who avoid sugar.

Exacerbates Inflammatory Skin Conditions

Sugar boosts body-wide inflammation, which spikes insulin from the pancreas to keep your blood sugar level. The double whammy in this is when insulin increases, so does inflammation. This additional rise in inflammation can worsen psoriasis, acne, rosacea and eczema.

Ways to Cut Down on Sugar Consumption

Sugar can be hard to avoid. It’s just about everywhere and often times, it’s hidden in foods. The best way to cut down on sugar is to avoid sweets like chocolate, candy, cake, etc. Once you have that under control, you can start inspecting the labels of the foods you eat.

Many people believe they need to stay away from fruits because of their high sugar content. This is simply not true. Fruits are healthy and the body doesn’t respond to the sugar in them the same way.

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