KYBELLA is for Men, Too!

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Many cosmetic procedures are advertised with women in mind. As a man, I find the male population is sometimes overlooked when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

One of the procedures I would like to make men aware of is KYBELLA®. This is a wonderful injectable recently approved by the FDA for treating submental fat, or under-the-chin fat.

Men? We know how hard it is these days to live a healthy lifestyle. We’re going out to lunch with partners, clients, and coworkers. The days go by so quickly that sometimes, all we want to do is sit back after a long day with a cold one and a bag of chips. All of the stress, unhealthy eating, and lack of exercise catches up after a while, though.

Invasive plastic and cosmetic surgeries may mean taking time out of work, which we all know is out of the question. So, what can you do when you start to see unwanted changes, especially in your face (which is the first thing people notice about you)?

You Can Try it For Yourself

This non-invasive cosmetic procedure helps get rid of fat under the chin, also known as a “double chin.” It is a solution made of deoxycholic acid – a naturally occurring substance inside of the body. It absorbs fat inside of your body. Unfortunately, the fat absorption process in the body isn’t targeted. With injections of this substance, however, it can be targeted!

Deoxycholic acid is placed in a syringe and then injected right where you want it – under the chin. The substance absorbs fat cells and in the process tightens the skin. What’s left behind is a contoured jawline that you probably remember having years ago.

This new cosmetic enhancement is an excellent way to look leaner and younger, and it’s why many men come to my offices asking for it.

KYBELLA Injectables in Long Island and Manhattan

I’m available for a free consultation about any of my services. While men may not discuss cosmetic improvements, they definitely are receiving them. Let’s get together to talk about how you can benefit from this and other injectables you may be wondering about such as Bellafill and BOTOX®.

Consultations can be scheduled by calling or texting 917-860-3113. You can also call 844-426-8696.

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