What is a Liquid Facelift and How Can it Transform My Look?

Liquid Facelift Manhattan
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If you’re looking to refresh your entire face, a liquid facelift is a great option. For many clients I see, they aren’t quite ready for facial plastic surgery, so injectable solutions like the liquid facelift are a great option.

Minimal Recovery Time

Recovery time after a liquid facelift is minimal to none. Though some clients will have localized swelling, redness, and bruising after injections, many do not. Facial plastic surgery, such as a facelift, requires several weeks to recover from. The patient needs to keep his or her face in an upright position, there are compression bandages involved, and swelling and bruising are quite extreme.

Injectables, however, offer great looking results with a very short recovery time. At most, clients take a couple of days off to allow the swelling and redness to subside. Makeup can be used to cover any light bruising, so you can get back to life again.


A facelift can cost upward of $20,000 in Manhattan. A browlift, neck lift, or other lesser procedure is still expensive, costing about $10,000. However, a liquid facelift can focus on just the areas that trouble you most, with a cost of about $2000. Additionally, facial surgery often is done in a hospital, which raises the cost. An injectable facelift is far less costly because it can be done right in the provider’s office.


With facial surgery, you’ll need to go under general anesthesia. This type of anesthesia has risks, and is done in the hospital under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

Another safety factor to consider is the risk of infection. Surgery has much higher infection rates because the skin is being cut open. This is not the case with injectables that use a needle; there is no cutting, and injection risks are far lower.


Surgical facelifts are extremely effective when it comes to removing excess facial skin and tightening the underlying muscles. As we age, these structures become weaker, loosening and making us look older. This procedure is best reserved for patients who have moderate to severe sagging. Injectables can be highly effective for clients with mild sagging, creases (mild to severe), and volume loss in the lips and cheeks.

Specific types of fillers are made to add volume to facial areas while other types are formulated to provide filling of deep wrinkles and creases. The other injectable often used with a liquid facelift is a facial muscle relaxer. A form of botulinum toxin is injected into specific facial muscles to paralyze them. When these areas are paralyzed, wrinkles can no longer form because the underlying muscle cannot move.

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