Top 5 Skin Care Tips For Your 20s

Skin Care Tips For Your 20s
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Hello beauties! Summer is reaching a close soon, and that means that many of us will be dealing with some post-summer sun damage. Sunscreen isn’t the only thing that many 20-somethings neglect; there other things you may not know about that may be damaging your skin.

Refined Sugar

Ah, the sweet stuff…everyone loves it. But eating refined sugar causes a process in the body called glycation. This cellular process can create free radicals, which damage surrounding cells.

Since cells make up tissue, including our skin, avoiding sugar may help to reduce free radical production in the skin. The earlier you start, the less free radical damage can occur in your cells. This could potentially help you look younger for a longer time.

Staying Hydrated

Drinking water seems like a no brainer, but many people fall far short of their 64 ounces a day. Water helps your body to carry away toxins, keeps your metabolism up, and reduces fine lines. If you start a habit of staying hydrated in your 20s, you’ll be able to keep fine lines at bay for a much longer time.

Using Sunscreen Properly

Using sunscreen is one thing; using it properly is another. Always apply sunscreen to your face no matter how short the exposure to the sun will be. Even on cloudy days, use sunscreen. Many women start noticing sunspots and fine lines in their late 20s and finally catch on to the perks of using sunscreen. Unfortunately, once sun damage has occurred, it’s difficult to completely reverse it.

Boosting Cell Turnover

Your skin renews itself on a regular basis, and shedding skin cells are how this is accomplished. You can keep this process going at a healthy pace by using retinoid products and liquid exfoliation products such as glycolic acid. These should not be used together, so ask your medical professional how to properly use these types of products to get the most out of them.

BOTOX® in Your 20s

You may be surprised to learn that BOTOX isn’t just for older women who are trying to erase the signs of aging. BOTOX is also for helping to prevent wrinkles years down the line. This is accomplished by paralyzing the facial muscles responsible for common problem areas such as crow’s feet and the forehead. It’s important to start this in your 20s so you can prevent wrinkles for many years to come.

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